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A warm welcome to everyone who is reading about me. I changed quite a lot did I? Year 2010 I am slightly more heavy in my weight and now besides I am getting older, I have my casio beauty selfie camera.

All About Me FAQs.

Who am I?

I am Crystal, Crystal is my real name. You can also call me Cryssea if you want.

Why is your Blog named Cryssea.com?
I prefer a "short-simplicity name" as Cryssea is more related to my real name. It was previously q00q00.com if you remembered which my past blog post pictures were initialed.

When I Started Blogging & Why I Blog?

I started blogging on Year 2010 it was mainly for circle lens reviews. At that time there were very few detail reviews. 

What are the things I Blog?

I will focus now more on food reviews as I can't part with food. Travel will be also in my list and lifestyle "like what I usually shop for and where I usually go".

How do I describe myself?

I am a Singaporean Chinese, some say I don't look pure Chinese. I am standing at 165cm tall and the chubby side.

What am I obsessed with at the moment?

Korean Cuisine, Shopping for Sneakers, Travel cooler countries.

What Camera am I using?

At the moment I am using Canon G7X for travelling, Casio Exilim TR60 for selfie sometimes and iPhone. I use my Nikon DSLR only when it is needed because of the weight it holds and phone cameras are improving tremendously.

I Blog about food, what are my food/taste preference like?

I love Japanese Udon, thick noodles, thick pasta obviously and any noodle which gives a chewy texture. Not a fan of thin noodles, maybe I am a carbohydrate lover. Definitely, love rice & potato. Fried food are also in my radar for sure, and delicate desserts. You will see more of it coming, I pay my food bills in order to give honest opinions.

How about Healthy food?

I do go back my daily routine by having salads, chicken breasts and oil-free food. I do like to stay healthy too in order to live happier and continue enjoying the delicious delicacies. 

What are the food that I dislike?

Bitter gourd for sure! I really dislike "Zi Char", Chinese Fried/Stir-Fry food from wok. It taste good but whenever I had "Zi Char" my stomach felt so uncomfortable because of the reused oil they use for cooking their food, but not all "Zi Char" does that I suppose. Sashimi that are not so fresh! Don't ask me try weird stuffs like Pig's brain or insects. I also don't eat food that are bloody.

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