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Salt Grill & Sky Bar

How could you have ever missed a spectacular sky view, having a relaxing Afternoon Tea at Salt Grill & Sky Bar chilling with your besties, partner, friends or family? 

With my dearest buddy, my model today enjoying the amazing sky view by the window seat.

Afternoon Tea *New*
Inclusive of Tea or Coffee (SG$55 per person)

Heirloom tomato, burrata, aged balsamic on focaccia
Crab salad & cucumber sandwich on sourdough
Beet-cured king salmon, house-made ricotta on brioche
Croque madame, parma ham, aged cheddar, quail egg
Caramelized onion, mushroom & goat's cheese tart

House-made scones with jam & cream
White chocolate lamington
Mini pavlova, raspberry, passion fruit, mango
Miso caramel tart
Earl grey chocolate truffle (didn't have it on our tray today)
Classic lemon meringue tart
Macaron of the Day

Overall most of the finger bites savouries and sweets were pretty well-made, love their house-made scones they were just so lovely to enjoy every bite of it. The best tasting was the pink sweets, "Mini pavlova, raspberry, passion fruit, mango", the sourish taste completes so well with the sweetness of meringue base, ends with a gentle crunch and melts in your mouth thoroughly.

Definitely worth to come back again and try their new Afternoon Tea menu, as they will change once in awhile.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
*Proceed ION Level 4 Salt Grill & Sky Bar Counter to be escort taking lift up.

Tel: +65 6592 5118
Email: info@saltgrill.com

Website: https://www.lukemangan.com/restaurants/salt-grill-sky-bar-singapore/
*Please refer website for more information.

Afternoon Tea
Fri to Sun & Public Holidays
2.30pm - 4.45pm

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Ninja Bowl

Talking about a good bowl of healthy Japanese inspired superfoods, with stand out vibrant colors of veges the Ninja Bowl definitely owns it's name. 

Words were beyond expressing how good they assembled their veges so well that vege-haters you will begin your love-life with veges and create your all new healthy journey.

Kamo (SG$18)
Pan-Seared duck breast, shiso chimichurri(Japanese Basil), charred carrots, onsen egg, asparagus & edamame(Japanese Green Soybeans), purple slaw.

Genki (SG$18)
Yaki Unagi(Eel), sauteed zucchinis, Korean beansprouts, onsen egg, purple slaw.

Unagi was really good, remarkable combination.

*Do note that all the Ninjabowls had additional charges of, $3 for Quinoa, $2 for Ninja Rice/Orzo/Garden Greens.

Truffle Fries (SG$12)
Shoestring Fries with truffle oil & truffle salt.

Ninja Bowl
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481

Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 9.30am to 9.30pm 
Sat & Sun: 9am to 6pm

Phone: +65 6222 8055
Email: info@astronauts.com.sg
Website: http://www.ninjabowl.com.sg/

*Please visit their website for menu and more accurate information.

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Amiral Atelier Paragon

A higher-end French patisserie with a touch of Japanese flavors creation by "Dulcet & Studio" located at Paragon opposite Starbucks, named Amiral Atelier

I been passing by a hundred times but this time I am up for my cake cravings.

Matcha Eclair (SG$7.50), you be surprised by an Eclair can taste how well-enchanted with all the green tea flavor explodes in your mind. If you love green tea you got to try it.

Peach Mousse (SG$8.50), been awhile not having a peach flavor cake it feels like it was lightly perfumed in a beautiful way. How smoothing and refreshing with the cuteness of pink color.

Walking too much at orchard road? Rest your overworked feet at Amiral Atelier to regain back energy again by having a piece of cake to continue your shopping journey.

Amiral Atelier Paragon
290 Orchard Road
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859     

Opening Hours  
11am to 10pm (Daily)

Email:  hello@amiralatelier.com  
Tel: +65  6338 9248
Website: http://www.amiralatelier.com/

*For more accurate information please check their website.

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Men Men Don Don Hillion Mall

Are you also craving for some Japanese simple comfort food like me sometimes? Love to have a bowl of hot udon on a cooling day? Then you got to head down to Men Men Don Don to experience the Seafood Udon version of Okayodon "Japanese Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl".

I would say their Udon is cooked softer but with the plus of eggs this good bowl of udon comforts your body thoroughly.

The Hotate Tamago Udon (SG$8.50)

My favorite Ebi Tamago Udon (SG$8.80)

I had the Udon for years since the west mall branch now I am so glad that I get to enjoy them anytime which is much more nearer to where I live. Hooray!

Men Men Don Don (Hillion Mall)
17 Petir Rd
Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278

Tel: +65 6266 1858
Website: http://mmdd.com.sg/

*Please refer to their website for more accurate information.

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Les Patisseries

One of the patisseries in Singapore that creates unique flavors can be found at "Les Patisseries". I can say they beautify the cakes with pretty colors and presenting it 'adorably'.

Cattley (SG$10.00), the unforgettable healthy watermelon cake in my opinion and you can really taste "fresh watermelon" in it.

Les Patisseries named Cattley the healthiest, yummiest and prettiest tart! Constructed with strawberry and pink guava compote, marinated watermelon and strawberry yogurt mousse.

Dulcey Hazelnut Tart (SG$9.00), if you can take sweeter you might like the richness of it.

Rose Lychee Rasp (SG$10.00), a very pretty violet color, lightly flavored with Lychee makes it moderately refreshing.

Les Patisseries
222 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574354

Contact: +65 9744 0504  
Email: sweets@lespatisseries.com.sg  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lespatisseries.com.sg  

Opening Hours  
Mon to Thur (11am-12mn) 
Fri (11am-2am)
Sat (9am-2am) 
Sun (9am-12mn) 
Eve of PH (11am-12mn)
PH (9am-12mn)

*Please check their website or facebook for more accurate information.


Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish

Are you a fishy person? No, I don't mean fishy smelly... I meant a fish lover eater you surely will love Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish. They have quite a lot varieties of fresh Japanese Grilled Fish in a set, that comes with rice, miso soup, salad, Japanese pickles and tofu. Also each set will be entitled one cup of green tea.

Thanks to my friend that brought me here and it became my favorite spot of all times, it is located right in the Takashimaya Shopping Centre's food court.

The Salmon Teriyaki Set (SG$11.50)

My favorite was the Kinme Dai Saikyo Yaki Set "Alfonsino fish" (SG$14.50), love the fish's texture which was a bit chewy, sweet and meaty.

Unagi Kabayaki Set (SG$15.50), was also one of my favorite! A big generous piece of fatty, juicy unagi eat it with rice was super satisfying.

Avoid peak hours especially weekend dinner you might need to queue at least 20-30mins, do note that you have to order your food first, then you are given a table number and please wait the staffs to arrange your seat.

Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish
Orchard Road
Takashimaya Food Hall
Singapore 238873

Opening Hours
10am to 9.30pm daily
*Last order 8.45pm


D'Good Café Takashimaya

D'Good Café you get to find simple comforting cafe-style food designed in London Underground interior just located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

The Proached Fresh Lobster - Half (SG$26.00) was quite appealing to me because of it's vibrant colors but wished that the sauce was more creamier.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings - 4pcs (SG$8.00), love how crispy and tasty their fried food was. If I wasn't too full I would definitely order their Truffle Fries to pair with.

The Scotch Egg (SG$13.00) was unexpectedly great it proves that their fried food was chef's signatures.

D'Good Café Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road
#B1-56 Takashimaya S.C.
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872 ​

Tel: +65 6694 1411
Email: whatsbrewing@dgoodcafe.com

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday
10am – 10pm

Website: https://www.dgoodcafe.com

*Please check their website for more information.


Souperstar Tanjong Pagar Centre

Souperstar serves the traditional popiah & fusion popiah with 100% handmade popiah skin. Once awhile I will crave for popiahs and here is the place that will not fail to produce a good popiah. 

Do note that their popiah skin texture is more to the chewy side and I totally loved it! Their skin reminded me a bit of the frozen packet spring roll pastry which I can eat it without cooking it, using it to diy popiah at home so this is how much my love for popiah extended till this level.

Usually, the popiah skins you have at other places are more to the softer side.

The Traditional (SG$2.50) request them to cut for you if needed.

The Sweet Thai Chicken (SG$3.80), roast chicken, fresh mango, cilantro, coral lettuce, sweet thai chili mayonnaise. 

This was one of their fusion popiah that perfectly matches well together. Grab it and go likes a "Burrito", fill your tummy with healthy ingredients lights up your day.

Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar)
Tanjong Pagar Centre 
7 Wallich Street
Singapore 078884 

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm 
Sat: 8.30am-8.30pm 
Sun: 9.30am-6pm

Website: http://www.souperstar.com.sg
*For more accurate information and menu please check their website.


Koji Sushi Bar Chevron House

Craving for fresh Sashimi with delicate preparations at Koji Sushi Bar allows you to experience dining in a relaxing way.

The Sashimi Rice Bowl (SG$19.00) comes with small cuts Sashimi, Salmon roes, Negitoro and if you prefer mixed grain rice add $1 to enjoy.

Beancurd with Century Egg (SG$5), it was seriously so simply delicious that I wish my tummy could fill more of these.

I went for the salad which was served with the sushi set, you can also choose miso soup.

I hardly have too much raw food as I am beginning to love those, especially such fresh slices served.

Sushi Set D - 5 pieces (SG$24), fatty tuna, striped jack, greater amberjack, scallop, conger eel. 

Look how light pink of the fatty tuna looks like and it just instantly melts in your mouth, wait right before putting in your mouth remember to brush Koji's shoyu sauce on each of the delicate sliced sashimi gracefully.

Last but not least a dessert treat to end with, a complimentary Panna Cotta.

Koji Sushi Bar (Chevron House)
30 Raffles Place
#01-32 Chevron House 
Singapore 048622 

Phone: +65 6532 2805 
Fax: +65 6532 2802 

Opening Hours  
11:30AM - 3:00PM 
*Last order at 2:30PM 

6:00PM - 10:00PM 
*Last order at 9:00PM 
*Closed on Saturday Dinner, Sunday & Public Holiday.

Website: http://www.kojisushi.com.sg

**For more accurate information and menu please check their website.


Mad About Sucre

Having the most idiosyncratic cakes that will blew your mind off using unbleached organic flour, no preservative, lessen sweetness, no pre-mixes and no artificial color can be enjoyed at "Mad About Sucre".

Most of the cakes are seasonal so you get to enjoy new created flavors except the signatures.

Seasonal cake, Sunkissed. (SG$20.70 include tea set)

Sunkissed - Pink Guava, light cheese, Normandy sablé. Sunkissed was by far the best cake I have ever tasted in my life, rating it as my first gold medal winner. My taste buds has finally upgraded to another level letting me to expose extraordinary clash in a precised approach.

Each cake comes with a pairing tea set.

The gorgeous vibrant E-Ti. (SG$21.90 include tea set)

E-Ti - Cold-dripped espresso coffee, Dark chocolate, Organic almonds, Spanish mandarin orange, Nut sponge, Chantilly cream.

The doubtless signature San Domingue. (SG$20.70 include tea set)

San Domingue - Dark chocolate mousse, Rum, Caramelized plantain, Britny crunch. If you are a chocolate lover San Domingue must not be missed in your life.

Apart from creating one of the best patisseries in Singapore, the staffs were professionally well-trained with terrific knowledge explaining their creations and how to enjoy each cake veraciously.

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Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Rd
Singapore 088334

DID: +65 6221 3969

Opening Hours
Tues to Sat
1230pm to 10pm 

1230pm to 5pm 


Website: http://www.madaboutsucre.com

*For more accurate information please check their website.