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Hong Kong Short Trip 4

I hope you lovely darlings are not bored of my trip... Continued from HK Short Trip 3, 1 more episode to go. =)

You have to visit The Peak Hong Kong by riding the very cool Peak Tram.

The Tram is here, look at the track.. Not a flat surface, like climbing the mountain or an inclined treadmill.

After we reached the top, we did a quick view around the place. Previously, we walked too much and felt super tired..

Sharon went to snap the sun~ She loves drawing and beautiful sceneries. It was hazy everywhere in Hong Kong during our travel. T_T

Can you see us? Yan & Me~ =D

Next time I must dine inside The Peak Lookout, it's so pretty. =)

If there's more time I wanna look everywhere here. 

The next day we went Olympian City to have our early lunch for Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan.

Shop 72, G/F, Olympian City 2, 18 Hoi Ting Road, Tai Kok Tsui
Nearest MTR station: Olympic, Exit D3.

Take picture first =P

Finally the food is here, let's dig in!~ =D

Crowds forever~ Even in the Singapore branch there're crowds forever too.. I love Tim Ho Wan! Never get bored of their Dim Sum. I remembered coming across Japanese queuing up behind me a couple of times for Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan Singapore branch, even my cousin's Japanese bf loves Tim Ho Wan.

I ate the most of all... Yum Yum & Fatty Fat T_T

Another must come place in Hong Kong. This place reminds me of Hong Kong Dramas...

美都餐室 Mido Cafe
63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

4 Serious people eating? Omg we need a director to take us~ =P

The food was quite nice, kinda old school style cafe. Problem is... I was too full after eating so many Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan... Haha =X I'm so bloated~

We were still very full but Mary wanna dine special with us for the last night before her son, herself and Sharon leaving Hong Kong the next day and they're heading to Macau.

The place looks stunning and so amazed by the sauce dip choices tray. =)

Bu Dao Weng Hotpot
23/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Again I'm was still very full.... I am already so sure I have gained 3kg! +_+

The prawn balls were so delicious and fresh~ Everything reminds me of Singapore's Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, but Bu Dao Weng does have more expensive seafoods swimming in the tank.

Last, fruits and jelly to end for dessert. =)

What a delicious day we had, non-stop eating... I am so so so afraid of food when travelling although I love to eat~ ^_^

Happy Weekend Coming!~ Love Qoqo


Hong Kong Short Trip 3

My favorite drink of all-times in Hong Kong, the Pacific Coffee's Strawberry Banana Chilino with Whipped Cream. Hmmm Yum~

I have to recommend the Tai Cheong Bakery!~ Mary was being real nice and bought us egg tarts, OmGosh! I can't believe what I was eating... I love the egg tarts so much, the crust was amazingly delicious, until now the wonderful taste still remain in my memory hehe~ If there's any chance to visit Hong Kong again I will definitely eat more egg tarts and hand carry it back on my last day. T_T

The nice buildings again and the awesome crowds always in Hong Kong.

The super sweet light pink Hong Kong Tram"also known as Ding Ding", they're so cute~ Have to get on it. =D

Ok we got on other "Ding Ding"~ My sleepy, tired, nerdy look. ~_~

Here's how the "Ding Ding" look inside... They went searching more for Dried Seafoods~

Can you see lots of people queuing for the mini Mobile ice cream? =D
Sharon was buying us ice creams, yum yum they're in cones~ And ya Sasa is everywhere..

We wanted to sit down and rest so, we just simply walk in a restaurant to have tea and some bites. The Wedding Banquet Specialist serves dim sum in the afternoon, to me they tasted unique, if again there's chance to Hong Kong again I want to try more dim sum of their house. ^^

Wedding Banquet Specialist: http://www.xn--mxtw92b.hk
Their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePalaceFansClub

The old apartments.

Our dinner tonight, the forever queuing and famous Four Season Claypot Rice.

Four Seasons Claypot Rice (四季煲仔飯) 
46 Arthur Street 
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

I can't describe about it but the claypot rice were not my favorite~ I'm really too full =X

The deep-fried oyster pancake was delicious but super oily.. If you have not tried claypot rice try it~ =)

Ending with dessert at Hui Lau Shan~ Yan's favorite Gui Ling Gao"Chinese Herbal Jelly". The mango desserts were delicious. ^.^

Eating is Great. Health more Important! Love Qoqo


Hong Kong Short Trip 2

Continue from HK Short Trip 1, we went Woosung Street to look for Dried Seafood. This is a must go place, Tak Hing was introduced by Mary, she will visit this shop to buy back dried seafood for her mother and relatives whenever she comes Hong Kong. The one in red is our lovely lady Mary and her son, Sharon was playing with her phone camera and took a picture of us, Yan is wearing yellow and I am looking nerdy hiding behind. =X 

Dried seafood I only know about dried scallops, I always love to use it in my soup and my mom loves to use it for cooking veges and braising pork/meat/etc, it's like bacon that gives out aroma, but in a more healthier way for Chinese style cooking. My mommy was not around so I am not sure what to buy for her, as I only know what's dried scallops haha... Well I regretted... I should buy more back! The dried scallops tasted super delicious, was told by the uncle seller that the dried scallops were from Japan, Hokkaido.

Our lady Mary bought dried oysters too, if you're into dried seafood visit Tak Hing. =D
If you happened to visit Hong Kong, buy some back they're cheaper than Singapore's dried seafoods.

Street 1 Woosung Street
Extras Yau Ma Tei

The new modern buildings and old buildings.

We had our lunch today at The Spaghetti House, Peking Road(Tsimshatsui) Branch. The food was quite nice except I had a bad experience stopped by a Lady Staff, I was rudely being treated.. She shouted loudly at me and say I did not pay the bill. ~_~

Besides that, my group heard her mumbling about me not paying "in the toilet"... Really ridiculous! Anyway I have reported the matter to their management, got an apology from the Assistant Director(Operation). Sighs, point is I was humiliated in the public infront of so many people... =(

Couple pictures of the menu, and yes it's a restaurant with 10% Service Charge.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and Garlic Toast.

Hawaiian Pizza.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

Fettuccine with Seafood in Cream Sauce.

If there's any chance to visit Hong Kong again yes I will dine at The Spaghetti House, other branches. =)

To be Continued HK Short Trip next post... Haha I know right? Still no much me in any pictures, to be honest with you guys my hair was terrible haha~ ^_^

Human errors~ Food don't waste. Love Qoqo


Hong Kong Short Trip 1

Sorry for late update post of my Short Hong Kong Trip in the late march this year~ I went China with tour last year too but forgotten about it, maybe I will post some pictures after my Short Hong Kong Trip posts. =)

I love travelling just like everyone, but still haven't got the courage to try travelling alone and learn to be more independent. This was my first time to Hong Kong with my beloved sister, Sharon, she's my parents friend. I joined Sharon and her friends to Hong Kong, they understand Cantonese well and speak fluently.

This Hong Kong short trip was so sudden, we got our flight tickets from Scoot. Flying~

We arrived super early in the morning at Hong Kong Airport, heading to the train station to get to our Hotel, The Imperial Hotel.

We bought the train tickets, now heading to take train. ^^

Waiting the train, and here is how the interior of Airport Express MTR looks like.

After taking the train, we proceed to the Shuttle Bus waiting area, taking K4 to The Imperial Hotel.

I didn't managed to take any pictures during our stay at Imperial Hotel, luckily I did took a couple of pictures at the Airport Hotel for our last 2 days of stay. Probably at some stages I am not sure, I lost mood in taking photos... Maybe next holiday trip I will get a new compact camera suitable for travel. I did have 2 new Samsung digital with selfie mode cameras but they are not so good in quality and fast enough when it comes to quick take. My DSLR was really too heavy.. +_+ Quick shot photos of places mostly I use my phone camera this time, I don't want to annoy anybody. Hehe =X

This was the first place, Macau Restaurant,where we took our breakfast, it's pretty near to Imperial Hotel.

I called this mini showcase~ So appealing and looks traditional! And we went in~ =P

The thin dough is called YouTiao "Chinese Doughnut", and the big round bun is called Pineapple Bun with Butter.

Our quickie Breakfast, I had soup wanton noodles. =D

Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend! Love Qoqo