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Salvatore Ferragamo Bali Jelly Bow Thong

I just can't resist Ribbons... Last few weeks to a month ago, I was browsing online for sales because it's Mid-Year. Who doesn't like sales? =P

I love shopping on USA sites, like nordstrom, neiman marcus, saksfifthavenue etc~ Too many favorite online shopping websites. This time I decided to visit Ferragamo US site to purchase, this will be my 2nd time doing so and I just love their jelly thongs~ I choose red(Rosso) because the "cream color" was out-of-stock. T_T

Usual Price USD195 after 30% I paid USD137, sales ended.
Here comes the parcel~ I ordered through Agent on the 7th July, and the whole waiting and shipping process took roughly about 3 weeks, so I received on the 29th July. I can't imagine if I have the chance to visit the US, guess I could shop non-stop... =X

The photocopied order invoice and the shoe model, Salvatore Ferragamo Bali Jelly Bow Thong in Rosso color, which is red. I got long feet so my shoe size should be a US Size 8.5, then I bought Size 9 before it was too long for me. Decided to go for an 8, if it's a covered shoe I must go for True-to-Size or Size 9. My unboxing begins~ =)

You will always have the Ferragamo card and the dustbag.

Many papers inside to maintain the shape of the slipper, also extra papers to prevent them from rubbing against each other and moving around. My older black jelly thongs became flatter because I stacked other shoes on top of it... T_T

Love the jelly thongs so much... I regret not buying this older design in black too, my black jelly thong bow were quilted, I personally still prefer this material more. 

In love with the mini gold Ferragamo~ I am a person if I love something so much, I don't mind getting it in other colors. I bet some of you too, like our clothes and some stuffs we really like... Hehe... =P

Sometimes the color looks a bit different by different light that I am using, it's really yep Red... Chili Red =O

Here are more pictures to view, I do really recommend them they're very comfortable and washable with water and some soap(anti-bacteria), wipe them dry and when it's totally dry you can keep the next day. I am more a clean freak person haha... Ok just wanna be fungus-free~

Very good quality rubber, I have no problems with all my Ferragamo Jellies. =)

The bottom of the jelly thongs, made in Italy. Sorry it's really hard to capture the same color plus mini wordings on my camera.

This shot was taken by my samsung selfie digital camera without flashlight.

Looks like coral pink but it's chili red, here's the side view that I'm wearing. Now the Size 8 fits perfect~ ^_^

Finally, took the most accurate chili red that supposed to look like. Red on my feet the first time,  makes my feet so fair... I am so surprised~ Great color for Summer Yay~~ =D

My Ferragamo mini collection, jelly shoes mini collection hehe... Except My Joyful ballet flats, I bought too big... I thought covered shoes I may need bigger so I ordered 9.5~~ Absolutely wrong... I gave my mommy the Ferragamo My Joyful ballet flats, she says it's the most comfortable shoes she's ever worn and loves it so much =)

Go for Comfortness, Take Care! Love Qoqo

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Chanel Petite Shopping Tote

I have been waiting very long for my dream bag, I done lots of researching online and thought the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote was discontinued... I even called up Chanel customer service and there's no good news of Chanel PST and emailed Chanel if there's any restocking please let me know... 

I read the forums PurseBlog and saw few Forum Members purchased their Chanel PST from the US and Europe so I guess the PST might be restocking. Honestly, for months before I go to bed daily I will think about is there any chance I can get a PST? Don't get me wrong if you think I might be crazy... But I believe bag lovers out there will understand me, it's so amazing having a special story related with any of your bags. Not only bags, it may be any thing~ Sometimes if you like something, it may be out of stock, or the color you want it's already sold out, many obstacles blocking your way...

After thinking so much about it everyday, and it was Sunday 20th July 2014, I decided to contact Chanel again and I am so surprised... Am I dreaming or not? I was awaken by Chanel's call early in the morning Monday 21st July 2014, I quickly answered and yes!~ Good news Chanel PST has restocked and they reserved 1 for me.

I went down on the 22nd July 2014, here's my purchase and I am so happy~ My first Chanel Bag, "my dream bag". My relatives were together with me and when they saw me collecting my PST, my auntie wanted 1 too~ I must say the power of Chanel. =P

I will do an unboxing as you all know I'm shy on video and I do love all the Luxury/Fashion/Shopping hauls/Make-up Unboxing videos. You gorgeous lovely girls made me watch more youtube hehe... =)

The usual gorgeous Chanel packaging with the ribbon and camellia. ^^

The receipt, sorry I can only show you part of it and censored my personal details. The price is retailing at SG$3080 now. The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote is a seasonal piece so it may be out of stock anytime, I felt super lucky. =D

Inside the box, the Chanel dust bag and comes with a handbook with a cloth to wipe your bag. Love Love Love the Chanel Packaging~ =D

Taking the bag out from the dust bag, there's lots of paper stuffings inside. I got the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote in Black Caviar Calfskin with Gold Hardware. I know the Chanel GST is more popular and gorgeous but I really prefer smaller bags because I don't know why I am always being pushed or people walking too close to me and hit my bag everytime... 

The Chanel Singapore Customer Service was excellent. Don't know when will it be for me to purchase the Chanel classic double flap bag, I am thinking about it especially Lambskin hope my new story bag will begin soon. =X

Removing all the stuffings~ I haven't remove the transparent blue tapes on the circles, this is how the gold hardware looks like.

The magnetic button, the strap for you to hook any important stuffs and the Chanel Zip inside. Made in Italy. =)

It may be inconvenient for some people because there's no zip to close the bag, I am ok with it I just place my wallet at the bottom or maybe I will search for a small bag organizer to place in.

The very important authenticity card that matches the mini tag label number, sorry I prefer not to share the number forgive me~ T_T

The small back pocket and the side of the bag. The smell of the leather was so divine and gorgeous~~ 

You can carry 2 ways, I know many people complaining 1 side of the handle will drop when you're carrying on your shoulders and how hard to maintain the shape of the bag~ 
I agree too but I still love it =)

Happy day shopping~ Thank you Chanel for fulfilling my dream bag!

Chanel Ngee Ann City Boutique Singapore

Dreams May Come True, Kombate! Love QoQo

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[CLOSED] Waraku Japanese Casual Dining @ The Central 2014

Almost 2 Years I have not eaten Waraku's Cream Udon which is my all time favorite, the restaurant branch I always visit has not been changed, it's still located at The Central. 

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-89/97/98  The Central 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarakuJCD
Website: http://www.waraku.sg

Nothing has changed except the crowds was lesser =(

Here comes our Potato Mentai SG$9.80 it's so delicious today I don't know why but it's the best potato mentai I had in Waraku. Mika was scrapping the left over cheese. =X

As usual all time favorite Salmon Ikura Cream Udon SG$16.80Salmon & Fresh Salmon Roe in Cream Sauce Udon. Surprisingly, the price was same as 2012.

If you love cream sauce and cheese this is the best! Drink it like a soup and if you love to chew chewy texture noodles this may be also become your new love! =D

I just love thick noodles, as I am not a fan of thin noodles. If I haven't eaten at the Flor's I could finish off the last drip of Cream Sauce~ Yummy oh no greedy me =P

Must not forgotten the Salmon Roe, translucent orangey cute little balls! They will burst in your mouth while you bite it haha... Ok I will stop tempting you all~ =P

New to me, the Kanimi Tomato Cream Udon SG$15.80, Crab Meat Stick & Tobiko in Tomato Cream Udon. 

The tomato cream soup base taste more appetizing because of a little sourness from the tomato. Can't beat my Salmon cream Udon but still taste delicious. =)

The Huge Heavy Bowl~~ Mika enjoying the Big bowl of cream udon~ Yummy =D

I promise Mika to come back and have a bowl of Cream Udon before she heads back to UK continue her studies hehe.. =O

So delicious, and the service was excellent today with only 1 manager and 1 staff. Kombate~~~ Waraku please continue on your business prospectively, love your Cream Udon the best in Singapore. 

We came at about 3pm with very little crowds. The place now with more tourists because just outside you can see Clarke Quay.

Stay Healthy after a great meal with balance diet, fruit juice~ Life is nothing better than enjoying your favorite food with your besties and love ones, who enjoyed the same taste as you!~ =)


Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie@Duxton Hill, Japanese inspired French pastry they are my favorite cakes of all time in Singapore. If you love cakes you must try it in Singapore. Flor uses fresh ingredients, non-preservatives and not even a speck of baking powder. 
Their website http://www.cakeflor.com.sg

Today with my dearest cousin Mika she just came back Singapore. We were both craving for Flor's cakes so we went down Duxton Hill today and we saw the cute truck. =D

The cute little shop.

Delicious fresh cakes with fruits~ Now choosing what to eat...

Ready for snapping~ Have you guessed what we ordered? =p

Such a beautiful place to take pictures together with these cute little gorgeous cakes, sorry can't stop selfie. =X

Mika can't wait any more she's too hungry hehe.. 

Kiri Millefeuille SG$7.40

Delicate strands of French chestnut cream piped over sandwich of crisp puff pastry and pastry cream topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts.

If you love chestnuts, this may be your favorite. =)

Strawberry Souffle SG$7.30

Slow baked Cheese Souffle covered in fresh cream and crumber with crushed almond butter biscuits, finally piled high with fresh strawberry halves.

The Strawberry Souffle is 1 of my favorites, my love for cheese cakes never ends. This is a very light cheese souffle, if you don't like strong cheese cakes this will definitely taste good for your likings. The softness of the cake simply smooth =D

The Blue Donut SG$7.40

Butterfly Pea Mousse infused with honey, made with Authentic Malacca imported Butterfly Pea flower hand extract to make that that beautiful blue colour. Layered with vanilla mousse and Flor’s signature sponge. The middle contains thickened yoghurt sprinkled with crushed pistachios for that added crunch.

What a lovely blue donut, so eye catching and I must have it. Having the first bite I can't taste much but eating it with the middle yoghurt really gives it another level of taste.

If I never had any lunch I will surely order more~ Greedy me hehe... =p

Bye Bye all Darlings we are heading for Cream Udon~


Revlon Posh 571

Saw the Revlon Posh 571 Nail Enamel on rack at Watson's and Guardian really reminded me of my first nail polish color when I was a little girl, I grabbed it for SG$11.90 few months ago. It's only US$4.99 (+discount) at drugstore but too bad flammable items can't be shipped overseas, if not I will grab more colors... T_T

I bought the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat & Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat for SG$15.90 each at Guardian recently, because I was curious about the effectiveness of Revlon's Quick Dry.

Let's begin, been really long I haven't done nail polish reviews~ Here I go. =D

First, apply the base coat. I am really in love with the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, it dries up pretty fast so after you have done applying 1 coat for all your fingers, you are ready to paint your nail color.

Second, I will be painting my new Revlon Posh 571. First coat will always be not perfect so don't worry. =)

Oh ya we are not done yet, remember to paint your free edge during your 1st coat of nail color always to look even more perfect followed by your 2nd coat nail polish color.

Lastly, wait for your nail color to be dry for about 10mins or more then apply the last coat of the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and you are complete!

Accidents always happen, so annoying right? T_T

After applying the Top Coat and waited 15mins++, I accidentally knocked my hands on an object while preparing to take pictures. Ouch, haha it's not pain at all just oh no 2 of my fingers the middle and the ring finger were both affected, you can see each got 1 dented hole. Next time I will wait a bit longer to avoid reapplying.

Perfect green, great for leaf nail art. =)

I also painted my feet hehe... Wearing my favorite Ferragamo jelly black sandals which I bought at "Ferragamo US Site" last year August. I hope it helps~ I would really love to see more nail color reviews on toe nails because hands and toes looks really different.

I did a bit of quick nail art using White/Yellow Acrylic paint and Gold Glitter nail lacquer "Le Chat Dare to Wear Seriously Gold".

Overall the Quick Dry Top Coat worked pretty well, I don't mind using it if I ran out of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I love this green can't wait to wear Summer clothes and match it with any sandals, hope you like it too. =D

Enjoy Your Summer, Love QoQo

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