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iFairy Avior Grey

Hello precious darlings!~ Wish all of you a great August this month. ^_^

It's been like near 4 months I have not review any circle lenses... I was so busy that I don't have time to take pictures of the lenses and wore them~ >_<

Well, usually I took pictures like as if I am chasing the "Sun". Yep the sun light to get a clear picture, today I decided to really buy a light, so I can take pictures any time even during night. =D But seriously, I still prefer Sunlight more!!~ I was actually using the economic Samsung digital camera PL150, still using it even till today and bought a Nikon D5100 to try to take pretty pictures. I will definitely continue to upgrade again to the next level which I can afford in future. Recently, I thought of upgrading a Samsung Digital Camera which have self-portrait and beauty shot effects like my PL150 so I bought the Samsung MV900F... I really regretted it, not my type hehe... Guess my angle works better with PL150. Ok, let me don't talk about cameras now since I am not a professional photographer. =X
Pretty picture from the official iFairy.com, I bought from there too. =)

The iFairy Avior Grey vial bottles.

Brand: iFairy.com
Model: Avior
Color: Grey
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 55%
Duration: 1 Year Disposable
Manufactured in: Korea

The inner and the outer curve looks almost the same, I'd been aiming for colored circle lenses less than 3 colors recently for more comfort. They're perfect for my poor sensitive eyes!~ ^^

Without make up.

With make up.

Here's the first shot, my new light behind me. ^_^

Still trying with my old camera here... Hehe I got rabbit teeth =X

Now trying the new light directly infront of me and I loved it! =D

Loved the iFairy Avior because it's so comfy for my eyes... And in person it looks more like a Nudy Grey lenses. I know the design is almost the same as Geo Princess Mimi or Kimchi Bambi (the both are 3-tones in color, 1 more punch and spark if you want to be more noticeable)

Avior toned down 1 color compared to Princess Mimi and Kimchi Bambi which I really like for just the comfortness!~

Have a Great Weekend, XoXo 

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