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OPI Dating a Royal

Dear Dollies, how are you doing for the entire April? Hope you all are doing great in no matter what you do! ^_^

I have been wanting so much to try out the blue from OPI Dating A Royal NL B70, finally got 1 and I love the color so much... "Feels like a Royal"~ Haha How? Let's take a look. =)

Picture taken after completing in normal room light, with camera flash light.

The first coat is so not pretty, but after painting the second coat looks much more beautiful. =D

Now, the day light without flash. The blue really suits me perfectly, with a bit of bling going on "feels like a mini Royal" haha for the moment only~  For the swarovski I used OPI Natural Nail Strengthener as my glue, to prevent from dropping I finished up with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Haha because I don't have nail glue at that time, but it worked.. Does not drop unless you use Acetone to remove it together with the nail polish~ =X

Gold looks more like a Royal with the gorgeous blue, I was only giving it a mini royal plus a little bit of sweet touch hehe... The color goes well on my toes too, but I am not dating~ Haha.. Went out dating with my new friend, I met in my nail course. She's Emmeline from Brunei. =D

We ate lunch at Yoshinoya~ Then we went shopping. ^_^

So pretty~ Of course not me =D

She looks like some Korean celebrity!~

What a huge drumstick... "Can I Eat now?"~ She's having Hot Plate Mega Chicken Leg and I'm having Chicken Chop on Hot Plate at Zebra C Fushion Kitchen, Bugis+ #04-13, 201 Victoria Street.

And our free Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert. Happy Day~ =D

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GEO Big GrangGrang Choco

Let me see, this is the first circle lens I am going to review for this year, 2013!~ Ok lots of things going on. =D

GEO GrangGrang Series, the GEO Big GrangGrang Choco WHC246 caught my eye. I know it looks pretty natural and that's what I am searching for daily wear. It caught my eye because it's 15mm in diameters and comes with prescriptions~

This time I decided to purchase my GEO lenses from MapleLens.com because I have encountered uncomfortness for a few pairs of GEO lenses which I purchased from the seller from Qoo10 which I always purchased from. Now, Let's see how the review goes from MapleLens! ^_^
Hello all~ Been awhile I haven't been taking photos of myself =X 
Ok this is the first test shot with flash light, oppz messy hair and a little forceful smile!

I needed a large tote bag with a wide base to put my manicure stuffs so I bought from Sanrio.com! Ok I know there's nothing link with my lens review but it's my favorite thing I bought online! =D

The packaging from MapleLens.

I removed the GEO anti-fake sticker for photo taking, so it's totally safe purchasing GEO lenses from MapleLens. Thank You greeting from MapleLens.

Webstore: http://www.maplelens.com
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Model: GEO Big GrangGrang Choco WHC246
Color: Brown
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Water Content: 42%
Lens Type: Yearly lens
Made in Korea

In the Via Bottle.

With Flash Light.

Day Light.

Much more natural than wearing black circle lenses if you are not a fan of black, haha.. I like both and I am starting to love brown lenses after wearing the GEO Big GrangGrang Choco! The GEO GrangGrang Series comes with not only 15mm diameters, they also carry 14.2mm diameters version, smaller diameters are great for first timers wearing circle lenses and those who don't like too much enlargement for your eyes.

I can wear this for many hours! more than 8 hours~ Love the comfort level for the pair of lenses. And I will definitely purchase from MapleLens again!~ =)

Remember to bring your EyeDrops

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