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Enjoyable Day with my Relatives

It's been so long I have not been blogging, so many things going on. Hello again my Darlings, how have you been? =)

After Chinese New Year, something bad happened to my 90yrs old Grandma. She was admitted to the hospital after her body check up, after few days we were told that she's got Colorectal Cancer. So there were many things to decide and discuss with our entire family, well the outcome was let her happy and not go through surgery at her age.

Well, the good news is I decided to take Manicure Course! Things were never expected a big switch for me. ^_^

My relatives and me went out for photo shooting! I can't wait to take pictures for them especially with so many greens and flowers around~
Here are my models ^^

This year Mika was not with us, she went London to study. T_T

We're at Singapore National Orchid Garden, great weather to take photos. =)

Mika's Mom and my Mom~

Do they look alike? They're all sisters, the middle aunt of mine in light brown is their cousin! Wow I really envy them, I hope I have sisters to play with and take pictures together~ ^^

Mika's dad and mom, I see my uncle I will think of Mika... They have exactly the same face! =D

After that we went Mount Faber Singapore to continue photo shooting~

They really love this shot and went to get 8R size to display at home. =)

I myself actually like to more, caught in a moment!~

The place was beautiful~ =D

Chinese New Year the places we wanted to eat were either closed or packed, so we went "Boon Tong Kee at Bukit Timah to have Chicken Rice.

Here comes the Chicken~ Love the skin =X

The Rice, Chicken Rice's rice. ^^

I really don't know why every one loves to order this where ever Chinese restaurant/eating place, the Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs.

This was yummy~ Haha.. Ok I just love fried food, and it's fried prawns with fried mussels in a Fried Yam Ring. The dish was Deep Fried Yam Ring with Mussels and Prawns.

And last was my favorite, I recommended them to try this I used to have this a lot last time! The Silky Beancurd, so smooth. ^_^

We really have a super enjoyable day together, and I hope I have more time to take pictures for my loved ones. Their smile brightens me especially the clock is ticking~

Hope you enjoy your time too with your Family and Friends

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