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Essence Color & Go Nail Polish 133 Oh My Glitter! (sponsored by Essence Cosmetics Singapore)

Happy to feel better after my left hand surgery, it's improving but now feeling some numbness around my elbow. May be I have to wait some more time for the numbness to go away. Anyway I am already more than happy of my recovery. I was awakened by this very small surgery I did, Thank God! =)

I will tell you more if my switch of career succeed. Ok today is about Essence Color & Go Nail Polish 133 Oh My Glitter!, sponsored by Essence Cosmetics Singapore, Kay Ess Enterprises Pte Ltd. They are really sweet and let me review 3 absolutely suitable Nail Polishes for Chinese New Year! Which is Purple, Peach Pink and Red, I will be reviewing the purple one first which is the Essence Color & Go 133 oh my glitter! They are not only suitable for Chinese New Year, even great for daily wear.
The Bottle has changed compared to my old Essence nail polish, it looks more cute now!
Made in France. Now in 27fl. oz/8ml, the old bottle was 16fl. oz/5ml.

The new brush is fatter than the old version, easier to paint for people that have larger nails like me. Less strokes needed for average to smaller nails. =)

The purple color glitter nail polish looks really pretty, it looks thin with first coat which is totally normal for me, 2 Coats I am done. ^_^

Remember always to paint base coat first before painting, the first coat look of the Essence Color & Go Nail Polish 133 Oh My Glitter!

Now second coat followed by top coat. The color is amazingly pretty, love the purple a lot, and the glitter effects looks shimmering mini pink glitters. Also always remember to paint a top coat to maintain any nail polish from chipping fast.

The color looks even better during Day Light and outdoor compared to Flash Light. =D

If you think is too plain for just a color, you can always add on simple designs which I personally liked it very much. I created this simple set, hope you like it. ^_^

Purple: Essence Color & Go Nail Polish 133 Oh My Glitter!
White: AC Nail Enamel D44
Black: Revlon 919 Black Lingerie
Red: Sally Hansen's Cherry Red

Essence Color & Go Nail Polish - NEW PACKAGING!
The next generation! From November 2012, essence will be presenting a completely new and innovative color & go nail Polish range.

  • 44 new and trendy colors
  • Brilliant gel-shine effect: for a highly intense finish
  • Ultra fast-drying formula
  • Particularly long durability
  • Perfect coverage

What's the secret? The innovative formula specially developed for essence. It unites particularly intensive, long-lasting color and shine effects with an extremely short drying time for perfect nail polish results. Of course, it does not contain any harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and emollient phthalate.

Thanks to the new patented professional brush, application is easier and more fun than ever before: the quick & easy brush consists of two nylon brushes positioned close together. This way, the brush can capture much more color and the rounded edges of the applicator brush distribute the nail polish on your nails even faster, more accurately and smoothly without any streaks. The packaging is also new: the 8ml bottle in a cool essence design has even more content - with the usual color-coded lid that is perfectly in line with the color of the respective nail polish.

With an incredibly large selection of breathtaking colors - from cheerful bright shades to classic red and dark, almost black nuances as well as shimmering or metallic effects - essence will be introducing these unique nail polishes in the standard range at the usal low price in the fall/winter 2012/2013.

The next level: the new nude glam nail polishes also stand out for their gel-shine effect as well as their fast-drying and long-lasting innovative formula. The soft nude shades - sometimes creamy, sometimes shimmering - are slightly transparent with the first application and offer more coverage when a second coat is applied. One thing is for sure, the individual nude look will never be boring!
The color & go nail polish is available in a total of 44 colors, the nude glam nail polish in six colors. Retails for SG$2.90 at selected Watsons Stores*.

The new essence color & go and nude glam nail polishes will be available in stores from November/December 2012.

Essence Color & Go nail polish retails at all essence counters at these selected Watsons stores.

Beauty World Centre
Bedok Central
Lot 1 Shopping Mall
Lucky Plaza
Ngee Ann City
Park Lane
Parkway Parade
Plaza Singapore (new extension)
Rivervale Mall
Sun Plaza

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Grab now for Chinese New Year at selected Watson's stores

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But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

I am back for a Mask review again for But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask, sponsored by Secretive.sg, But Becky masks are pretty new to me and the But Becky Endorser is Aaron Yan, he's super cute. Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese Singer, Model and Actor.
After unwrapping the plastic wrap. =)

Back of the Box.

The sides of the Box, really cute right? It has double-woven technique, highly stretchable diamond pattern mask. Double Lifting Effect, with elastic fabric and rapid absorption. It helps every woman to achieve healthy and radiant skin. It's also dermatologically tested, oil free, non-comedogenic, mild and gentle, suitable for all skin types. ^_^

The top of the Box with pretty But Becky. Bottom Box with with Manufactured Date and Expiry Date. Box opened with 8 sheets of Masks. =)

8 pieces of Mask Sheets in a Box.

Here's how the mask looks inside the pack after opened. =)

I can feel the mask cotton is really soft and very moisturized, can you see bubble? =D

The shape of the mask.

After cleansing your face, you can start to use the mask. I will use a toner first before using mask. The mask is a duo lifting mask so hook behind your ears, and don't forget the bottom chin part and hook behind your ears. It helps to firm up your face more. =)

Use for about 15-20mins, relax and when removed, gently massage your face to let the remaining essence to absorb completely.

How I feel about the Mask?
The scent reminds me of a little light smell of johnson johnson baby powder, or may be snow pearl cream? The mask is really soft and comfortable to put on, does not irritate my skin.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
After removing the mask, gently massage/pat my face. The absorption of the remaining essence was pretty quick, like what it described, "rapid absorption"! I feel a bit more firm and spongy! =D

Does this masks suits everyone?
I can't guarantee 100% if it suits everyone even it's dermatologically tested, but it suits me. you can always try any masks first by applying on your face a small spot with the extra essence in the mask pack, to confirm if you can use the mask. ^_^

But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask 8pc/box
Price: SG$14.90

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LANEIGE Multi Cleanser

Hello all Lovely Darlings! Yes I miss all of you so much and blogging! I am feeling much better now after the left hand surgery, I thought of showing you few pictures, but it's kinda gross and the scar is still very dark. Got to wait a while more for the scar to recover. =)

First of all, Happy New Year 2013! I wish all of you all the best on 2013!~ Ok, back to LANEIGE Multi Cleanser, I bought it at Qoo10.sg (former GmarketSG), from seller Pretty Shop my favorite Korean Seller. It cost around SG$25.80 or you can also purchase at Sasa Online which is more convenient for overseas customers.
I bought this because of my mommy, she's been asking me to find her a cleanser which can remove make up and at the same time cleanse her face. So I went browsing again at Qoo10sg, Pretty Shop and spotted this, 4-in-1 cleanser, it has all the aspects of what my mommy wanted and I received within a week after placing order from Korea to Singapore. ^_^

Back of the Box, The LANEIGE Multi Cleanser, 180ml. I was really surprised that it's quite a big tube! Worth the money, thumbs up! =D

Haha dislike my hair now, went to wrong stylist, she cut my hair off too much.. =(

There's a mini booklet LANEIGE Cleansing Line.

The Cleansing Line
-gently yet completely removes make up and impurities and purifies the skin that is affected by pollution and contamination

**Green Tea Extracts
-Extracted from carefully grown green tea leaves, Green tea Extracts contain ample antioxidants to protect the skin that is prone to damage and trouble by harmful materials and leave it pure and clear.

**Hyacinth Extracts
-Extracted by hyacinth that grows in ponds and lakes and has the natural ability to purify water. Hyacinth Extracts purify and protect the skin from heavy metal, smog, chemicals, and other harmful materials, and relieves its stress for long-lasting brightness and energy.

LANEIGE Multi Cleanser [For All Skin Types]
*A moisturizing and hydrating cream for soft and plump skin
-A new 4in1 cleanser removes makeup, removes sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses at once.
-Micro-sized dense foam removes makeup completely leaving fresh feeling.
-Mild plant-based cleansing ingredients and Papain enzymes, the exfoliating enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, remove makeup completely and exfoliate for smoother skin.

*Wet face and then release about a coin-sized amount of cleanser to massage onto face and melt makeup. 

Click picture to zoom in. :)

After I received the cleanser, I am so excited to try out how good can it be to remove make up, so let's try out and see~ =)

Tap a few drops of water or slightly wet your face with some water and start cleansing, just like what you normally cleanse your precious face. ^^

This is how it looked like after spreading out the foam, and it's not really foamy. Smells good and not too strong, gives me more of a fresh smell and feeling. It also has exfoliating effects which I can feel a little bit going on, after cleansing with the LANEIGE Multi Cleanser, you feel hydrated and moisturized not like some cleansers makes your pores tight or skin too dry after washing.

Now, the remove make up test. I have "Waterproof Maybelline Mascara, Bourjois Eyeliner Very Long-Lasting, Bourjois Waterproof Mascara, Dolly Wink Brown Pencil Eyeliner", "elf All Over Cover Stick, Teal Cream Eyeliner, Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Blue eye shadow", Etude House color my brows, Etude House precious bb cream and lastly a normal lipstick.

Start cleansing and yes removing. =)

A larger view~

And now the results, you can see waterproof eye make up is not easy to remove, I am not going to lie, I purposely choose a waterproof maybelline mascara which I had hard time removing it myself. My Bourjois very black long-lasting eyeliner just ontop of my name Qoqo still there but a bit more left. Ontop of it you can see the Dolly Wink Brown Pencil Eyeliner, wow I love Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner it stayed on pretty long for me always. The most shocking is actually on the right, the elf all over cover stick, it's more obvious on real person still there stubbornly.

You still need to use eye make up remover to remove first then you cleanse it with the Multi Cleanser. What is great about it because nowadays we love to use BB cream a lot, and also sunscreen/suncream/sunblock to protect from the sun, the LANEIGE Multi Cleanser works really good of removing it. It is very important to remove the impurities, BB Cream caused a lot of us to have clogged pores and sometimes we neglected too of removing our Suncream. 

Of course if you already love your own cleanser you can just continue it, hehe.. I am only trying out how it works, my mommy loves it to the max it's now her favorite cleanser because it works like wonders for her. And I personally just switched my skincare routine to La Roche Posay. ^_^

I can only wink half way. =X

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes to my email and facebook, Love ya all! ^^

May all Darlings Have Great Health and Beauty Shines

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