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iFairy Avior Grey

Hello precious darlings!~ Wish all of you a great August this month. ^_^

It's been like near 4 months I have not review any circle lenses... I was so busy that I don't have time to take pictures of the lenses and wore them~ >_<

Well, usually I took pictures like as if I am chasing the "Sun". Yep the sun light to get a clear picture, today I decided to really buy a light, so I can take pictures any time even during night. =D But seriously, I still prefer Sunlight more!!~ I was actually using the economic Samsung digital camera PL150, still using it even till today and bought a Nikon D5100 to try to take pretty pictures. I will definitely continue to upgrade again to the next level which I can afford in future. Recently, I thought of upgrading a Samsung Digital Camera which have self-portrait and beauty shot effects like my PL150 so I bought the Samsung MV900F... I really regretted it, not my type hehe... Guess my angle works better with PL150. Ok, let me don't talk about cameras now since I am not a professional photographer. =X
Pretty picture from the official iFairy.com, I bought from there too. =)

The iFairy Avior Grey vial bottles.

Brand: iFairy.com
Model: Avior
Color: Grey
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 55%
Duration: 1 Year Disposable
Manufactured in: Korea

The inner and the outer curve looks almost the same, I'd been aiming for colored circle lenses less than 3 colors recently for more comfort. They're perfect for my poor sensitive eyes!~ ^^

Without make up.

With make up.

Here's the first shot, my new light behind me. ^_^

Still trying with my old camera here... Hehe I got rabbit teeth =X

Now trying the new light directly infront of me and I loved it! =D

Loved the iFairy Avior because it's so comfy for my eyes... And in person it looks more like a Nudy Grey lenses. I know the design is almost the same as Geo Princess Mimi or Kimchi Bambi (the both are 3-tones in color, 1 more punch and spark if you want to be more noticeable)

Avior toned down 1 color compared to Princess Mimi and Kimchi Bambi which I really like for just the comfortness!~

Have a Great Weekend, XoXo 

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Kawaii DustCap Giveaway (sponsored by Tallas Shop) *CLOSED*

Hello Lovely Dollies, how are you doing? Hope everythings doing well for you. Today's Giveaway is specially sponsored by Tallas Shop.

Tallas Shop is a Singapore based online store that provide affordable fashion choices, the Giveaway is opened Internationally. Therefore, all are welcome!~ ^_^

Let's take a close look at the Kawaii DustCap Giveaway, 2 winners for the "CC inspired DustCap". FYI: The dust cap suits iPhone and Samsung Phones too~
I bought the Marc Jacob Katie Bunny iPhone Case from SaksFifthAvenue.com to match with the Kawaii DustCap. Makes it look super pink hehe~

Tallas Shop also have other cute DustCaps and affordable fashion~
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How do I draw the 2 Winners?
The winners will be picked by Tallas Shop, so you must like Tallas Shop in Facebook. ^^

When does the Giveaway ends?
6th August 2013, Winners will notified by Tallas Shop.

How do I receive if I won?
Lucky winners will receive an Email by Tallas Shop, so please provide correct email address. ^^

Is the Giveaway open to everyone?
Yes, it's for International.

*Noteif the winner don't reply within a month after announced, there will be a re-draw for another winner.

Good Luck Darlings!~ ^_^


Salvatore Ferragamo Barbados

Hello again my Lovely Babes!~ ^_^

How have you been? It's been more than a month I have not blogged, I'm busy with my nail course plus nail exams recently. T_T

Forgive me for the next Giveaway Delay, I will host real soon as my nail course will complete this end of June. =)

Here's my new favorite jelly flats I got from Salvatore Ferragamo, Paragon Boutique. Yay Yeppie, there're quite comfortable for my feet! ^^
I got it for SG$290 last month, May. Loved it so much... =D

Can't wait to wear them~ I loved it about jelly shoes is because I can wash them after wearing!~

Hehe I can show my toes~ I painted Gelish, Heart Leopard Prints plus black french line.

It looks good with my denim wedges too~ =D

I know there's nothing to do with food hehe... But here's my recent update of myself and my lovely BFF~ I don't even have time to take pics of myself =(

Don't blame me for this yummy pie at Cedele. T_T

Also going to reply you real soon, Love ya all! ^_^


Eat & Eat

Vivian Dear also my new friend where I met at my nail course, we decided to watch movie and bring Emmeline out to eat before she go back to Brunei. ^_^
Our first stop, 4 fingers @ ION Orchard. We ordered 18 pcs of "4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Wings/Drummettes" (Soy Garlic/Hot) Mixture and Seaweed Fries.

They're delicious... Super crispy skin of the chicken wings~ Yummy! =D

We had a hard time finishing it~ Haha... May be next time I will go hungry a day and attack more pieces! =D

Haha we going to miss Emmeline~ Hope to see her soon during our exam next month in Singapore!~ Arghh so sorry I have no time to put on make up.. T_T

Next, we went to have Thai BBQ Steamboat Mookata @ Tum Yum KungFu, 16 Circular Road, located at Boat Quay Shop Houses for dinner recommended by Vivian~ ^^

After eating the whole lot of meat, opps forgot to take a picture of the beef~ We are so full, but seems like lacking something~ So we decided to head down Antoinette @ Scarlet Hotel, 33 Erskine Road #01-02/03 to have cake for dessert! =D

Here comes the cake~ Haha snapping pictures with the cake =P

Love you both pretty Babes!~ =)

The interior design was so beautiful! Don't you Love the wallpaper as much as we do?~ 

We had (from the left to right):- 
Antoinette (The signature cake)
Milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate earl grey tea crémeux, raspberry coulis, earl grey tea crumble.

Le Royale
Dark chocolate mousse 64%, almond meringue, hazelnut almond feuilletine, chocolate genoise, dark rum.

Tahiti vanilla bavarois, crème Chantilly à la vanille, strawberry compote, fresh strawberry, finger biscuit, kirsch. 

The cakes were delicious but I am really too full to taste the deliciousness of the it. =(

Eat and Eat Day has come to an end, I ended up drinking Green Tea to digest everything fully before I go to bed. Enjoyed eating so much with both of my lovely friends!~ And lastly, we thank Vivian so much for bringing us around!~ ^_^


Redraw Qoqo's Giveaway

Redraw for my Qoqo's Giveaway First Prize, as the previous Giveaway First Prize Winner did not reply me~ =(

Click "Qoqo's Giveaway Winners" to view the previous entries.

Winner goes to~ ~ ~

Lucky Number 111~ eunna.chae

Congratulations! Hope to hear from you soon~

Next Giveaway will be at end of this May! Stay tune my lovely dearies~ ^_^


[CLOSED]Nail Polish Giveaway Winner

Hello Lovely Darlings, Thank you all for joining my "Qoqo's Etude House Nail Polish Giveaway"!~ Let's see who the lucky winner is~~~~ ^_^

*Excel Sheet has been deleted on year 2017*

The Winner goes to Lucky Winner Number 122krystal ♥!!

Congratulations Krystal!~ ^_^

Take a look at Krystal's Blog~ =)

Don't feel sad if you didn't win!~ I am going to arrange another Giveaway end of this May! So do join again, winner might be you!~ ^_^

Before I finish up this post, I got something to announce, remember my previous "Qoqo's elf Giveaway"? The First Prize Winner didn't reply my email, as I promised if the winner did not reply my email there will be a re-draw. So I will held my re-draw for Qoqo's elf Giveaway First Prize Winner again on this coming Monday 6th of May 2013.

Once again Thank you all Dearies for joining the Giveaway and hope you had fun. ^_^


OPI Dating a Royal

Dear Dollies, how are you doing for the entire April? Hope you all are doing great in no matter what you do! ^_^

I have been wanting so much to try out the blue from OPI Dating A Royal NL B70, finally got 1 and I love the color so much... "Feels like a Royal"~ Haha How? Let's take a look. =)

Picture taken after completing in normal room light, with camera flash light.

The first coat is so not pretty, but after painting the second coat looks much more beautiful. =D

Now, the day light without flash. The blue really suits me perfectly, with a bit of bling going on "feels like a mini Royal" haha for the moment only~  For the swarovski I used OPI Natural Nail Strengthener as my glue, to prevent from dropping I finished up with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Haha because I don't have nail glue at that time, but it worked.. Does not drop unless you use Acetone to remove it together with the nail polish~ =X

Gold looks more like a Royal with the gorgeous blue, I was only giving it a mini royal plus a little bit of sweet touch hehe... The color goes well on my toes too, but I am not dating~ Haha.. Went out dating with my new friend, I met in my nail course. She's Emmeline from Brunei. =D

We ate lunch at Yoshinoya~ Then we went shopping. ^_^

So pretty~ Of course not me =D

She looks like some Korean celebrity!~

What a huge drumstick... "Can I Eat now?"~ She's having Hot Plate Mega Chicken Leg and I'm having Chicken Chop on Hot Plate at Zebra C Fushion Kitchen, Bugis+ #04-13, 201 Victoria Street.

And our free Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert. Happy Day~ =D

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