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Buddy Hoagies @ Bukit Timah

A cafe which me and my buddies favorite hanging out place to enjoy simple comfort food, has to be Buddy Hoagies Cafe & Grill. We usually hang out more at the Yishun outlet but today I decided to meet Mika at the Bukit Timah outlet, she prefers Bukit Timah more.
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #B1-05 
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Singapore 588179  
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily

Here comes my Cookies & Cream Thick Shake SG$4.50

This is one of my all time favorite, I love shakes a lot!~ Hehe... Opps sinful T_T

Haha I took a picture of Mika, she's got forever young look and her skin is really flawless~
She's going UK for further studies, and I will miss her for a few years eating all the yummy food with me, by the time I will turn 30! Lolx... Alright, I will definitely travel UK to look for her and let her bring me to eat UK's delicacy~ =)

Also one of our favorite starters!~ Chicken Wing Zings SG$6.50 

They are small little fried chicken wings nicely marinated~ Argh... I will never get bored of the chicken wings.. Yummy~ ^_^

Mika's favorite Rosti~ Rosti & Grilled Ham SG$6.90

She asked for more cheese than usual, and it tasted simply delicious, if there's some additional sprinkles of parmesan cheese it will be perfect. =)

I ordered Grilled Pepper Chicken SG$8.90

I will never be tired of their grilled chicken or salmon, it just suits me when I don't feel like tasting more tasty food. It's just nice if you don't wish to have stronger or saltier flavor for your food. Their grills mostly tasted towards the lesser salty side, so to me they are my simple comfort food. Chicken was juicy too. ^_^

Price ✔✔✔✔
very affordable, plus no service charge.

Ambiance ✔✔✔
simple & cosy when during weekdays students favorite place to hang out or study.

Service ✔✔✔✘✘
Service was average and there is no service charge.

Food ✔✔
May not be the best but it suits me, very comforting food. Portion size just nice.

Overall Ratings ✔✔✔✔ (8/10)
Scores are base on me~ Cheap and affordable comfort food, not much to complain about. Lolx ^_^

I will definitely hang out any time at Buddy Hoagies again, hope to show you some of their comfort food next time too~ =)

You can take a look on their website: http://www.buddyhoagies.com.sg for informations~


  1. Everything look so delicious ❤ ^-^
    "Rosti & Grilled Ham", Oh, I want taste it so much!

    Your friend is very pretty : ) I adore her charming smile ^^

    1. Haha ❤
      She's my lovely cousin, like a sister and best friend to me~ =D

      Thanks she said, and she's smiling after hearing that ^_^

  2. wow look delicious!!
    Now I think I'm hungry ~~♥

  3. i am craving for a shake and all that cheese and ham haha


  4. Yummy! I love seeing all your food posts. xD

    1. Haha :P

      I love seeing all your wonderful pictures ^^

  5. yumm the food looks so good! especially love the look of that rosti, I love anything with lots of cheese haha! totally drooling now lol.


    1. Hehe Darling~~

      I can't say no to anything with cheese~ and lots of cheese haha... =X

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    1. Thanks Dear~

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  8. i love your friends glasses and i love cookie milkshakes :3

    1. Haha.. She got cute glasses, I have the white 1 but white was not cute >.< Suits her more hehe =D

      I love cookie milkshakes too dear hi 5^^

  9. i love food *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too :))


  10. sooo cute blog ^_^ I follow U

  11. omg I'm so hungry after this. I don't even eat meat but I can say those wings look really nice.

    1. Arh U don't eat meat >_<

      Hehe.. Yep they are really delicious =X

      Oh no I have to lose some weight now, your body is super model gorgeous~~ Envy~~ =D

  12. that shake looks so delicious!<3

    1. Hehe delicious <3

      I feel guilty after drinking it oppz =X

  13. I just made myslef a milk shake because of this post!
    Material Fixations

    1. Haha.. I would love to try!! Must be yummy, drools~~ =D~

  14. all the foods are making me hungry!!
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you xx
    ~ Mannie

    1. hehe i am still hungry >_<

      Yes Darling~ sure I would love to and yes followed <3