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Qoqo's Special Giveaway (Sponsored by Uniqso)

Hello Everyone!~

This is a Special Giveaway Sponsored by Uniqso, the friendliest Circle Lens Online Store!
How generous and kind they are besides sponsoring me iFairy Moe Moe Grey and also giving away a pair to the winner!

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Lucky Winner Prize:
1 Pair iFairy Moe Moe Grey lens
*Winner can choose plano or degree for prescription (subject to stock availability)

How to Join the Giveaway?
-Like Uniqso (+3 Entry Points)
-Follow my Blog (+2 Entry Points)
-Blog about Giveaway (+5 Entry Points)
-Sidebar Giveaway (+3 Entry Points)
-Tweet about the Giveaway (+3 Entry Points)
-Your Email Address
-You Must Comment under this Post to participate^_^

Copy Example Format & Comment Below
1. Like Uniqso : [Your Facebook Url Link]
2. Follower Nickname: [Name]
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6. Your Email Address: [Email]

When does this Giveaway Ends?
31st May 2012, and I will Blog and announce the winner the next day.

How do I receive if I Won?
I will contact the lucky winner through Email to get your details and Uniqso will send you the Giveaway Prize.

All the Best and Good Luck ^_^


iFairy Moe Moe Grey

iFairy Moe Moe Grey sponsored by Uniqso~ Thank you so much Uniqso~
Uniqso is the best & friendliest online lens shop that I have ever met so far! Prompt reply and they do care about the customers, that's very important~ =)

Uniqso is based in Malaysia, my neighbor country~~~

Sorry for the late review and new posts because I have been busy working >_<
Uniqso's packaging is always so sweet~ <3 I have always wanted to try out iFairy Moe Moe Grey, coz I love the special nudy with extra golden tone effect.

Expiry Date before opening is about 5 years.
Manufacturer: Vassen
Model: iFairy Moe Moe
Color: Grey
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

So I started taking pictures, (a bit dreamy+blur effect). =X

Brighter Effect =D

Overall Ratings

4.5 / 5
iFairy is now the most comfy lenses for my eyes, Moe Moe is more comfortable than my other pair of KimChi Bambi Blue~

How long does it last?
These are yearly lenses. First time wearing it, I wore it for 8hours and still very comfortable. Try to wear not over 8 hours, always bring eye drops with you~ 

For hygiene purpose I always dispose any circle lenses max 3 months when opened. Some people can maintain it up to 6 mths after opened~ ^^

I love iFairy lenses so much because they are huge~~ <3 <3

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q0q0's 3rd Giveaway Winners

Hello Babes~

Firstly, Thank you all for joining!!~

Due to more than 100 contestants for my "q0q0's 3rd Giveaway", I decided another consolation winner. ^_^

The consolation winner will receive Dress Me/MBD Mask (Total 5 Pcs), and some Elf make up. =)

So the Giveaway Winners are....
Winner: Kiki
Consolation: MuiMui

Kiki was at Entry Number 70 and MuiMui was Entry Number 197. Congratulations!~

Kiki's Blog

MuiMui's Blog

An Email was be sent to you shortly, please check. ^^

Keep up with me for next Giveaway~ <3