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q0q0's 3rd Giveaway

Welcome all to my 3rd Giveaway ^_^
I have been looking forward to give away the Sexylook Helly Kitty Mask~
There will be 1 Lucky Winner. =)

The Gifts are:
Sexylook Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisturising Mask 5pcs
Tonymoly Fruit Princess Gloss - Plum
Essence Quattro Eyeshadow - Oh So Cute
Essence Black Mania Mascara
Essence Nail Polish - Ultimate Pink
ELF Cream Eyeliner - Golden
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Boldly Bronzed
ELF Essential All Over Cover Stick - Spice

How to Join the Giveaway?
-Follow my Blog (+2 Entries)
-Blog about Giveaway (+5 Entries)
-Sidebar Giveaway (+3 Entries)
-Your Email Address
-You Must Comment under this Post. ^_^

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When does this Giveaway Ends?
15th April 2012, and I will Blog and announce the winners the next day.

How do I receive if I Won?
I will contact the lucky winner through Email and by then will ask for your delivery information, I will post the winner by International Registered Mail.

Side Bar

Let's Join & Good Luck ^_^


Bak Chor Mee & Japanese Street Food

My brother was always talking about delicious Bak Chor Mee & Japanese Street Food that he wanted to bring us and try out.
We arrived at Carpenter Street and turn left into Circular Road to search for BK Eating House for the Bak Chor Mee.

Here's BK Eating House, we were rushing because it was going to rain so I quickly take a quick shot. The area has many Office Buildings and working adults wearing long sleeves don't mind sweating eating lunch at BK Eating House.

The 24-hour Stall at BK Eating House, Yan Kee Noodle House selling Dry/Soup Noodles, if you like Mee Sua you can try their Specialty Dried Mee Sua.

Here comes my Bak Chor Mee, Bak Chor means "minced meat" and Mee means "Noodles". 
The Noodles I choose was Mee Pok because Mee Pok is thicker than other Noodles which are thinner =X

Mika and my brother had Mee Sua for their Noodle Choice.

My Brother was too hungry and ordered Nasi Lemak as well.

BK Eating House's Address92 Circular Road, Singapore 049443

Price of the Bak Chor Mee: $3.50

Is it the best Bak Chor Mee in Singapore? 
To me it's normal and not the best but to my Brother who likes Noodle Choice Mee Sua rated it very high. 

Will I go back again? 
I will say no but some customers will because different preferences =X

After watching The Hunger games, we head down to ION Orchard which my Brother have always crave for Takoyaki.
ION Orchard #B4-67/68

After seeing the long queue at Gindaco[Closed], it's gonna be delicious without tasting!!

Japanese Street Food 1, Takoyaki!! This is the must try stuffs at Gindaco they have 1 of the most popular & delicious Takoyaki in Singapore!~ Now they have expanded providing Yakisoba and Taiyaki.

4 for $3.60 and 8 for $6.40 worth it for the taste~~

Menu of Yakisoba at Gindaco.

Gindaco Tamago Yakisoba, this was also popular, but you got to wait longer =X

It cost only $5.70 with so much eggs~ Yummy ^^

We walked out of Gindaco then saw Taiyaki and all of us have some sweet craves, it was actually Gindaco's Taiyaki! 

It was really cute =D

Flavors we tried for the Taiyaki, Japanese Premium Azuki & Apple Custard.

Azuki"Red Bean" is very common but apple custard was so NICE!!~ I am going back to eat that again~ =X

Lastly, the Gindaco's Maccha Float ($2.80) was just right for all the food we ate, not sweet and Yum ^^

We will continue hunt for delicious food anywhere anytime =D

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GEO Xtra Diamond Grey WT-B35

Hello all Dearies~ I feel like it's been ages I have not review any lenses~ T_T

Here's a pretty Natural color contact lens which we can wear it everyday.
For GEO lens, I always purchase from the same seller because it's safe, reliable, fast and cheapest I can find in Singapore, from Gmarket(now Qoo10.sg). 

Price: SG$21.40 (After SG$0.50 Gmarket Discount)

*Was purchased during December 2011
Expiry Date before opening is about 3 years.
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Model: WT-B35
Color: Grey
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.70mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

Still in the Bottle =D

Now opened and this is the Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

And flipped it over here's the Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

Taken in a normal light room, so it looks just like a normal black circle lens. Don't seems grey to me, but overall yea can wear it anywhere, work/school/out. =O

You can see the diamond patterns when you have more light or under Sunlight. =X

Now with Flashlight~ It definitely seems some sparks, sparkling than a normal Black circle lens. I hope there are larger diameter of Diamond Lens. The great thing is finally Grey & Brown has Eye Prescriptions from GEO. My next Grey lens I am going to hunt for GEO Xtra Forest Grey.

The enlargement is great because it's 15mm Diameters, but you know now we love the bigger the better~ =D

Comfort Level: 7.5/10 
My eyes are suitable for any GEO 1/2 tones color lenses, can last me most 6-8hrs max 10hrs. I got very sensitive eyes and dries up quite fast, so for eyes comfort always bring your eye drops. I always throw away after 2-3 months for hygiene purpose.

Now my hair it's even more messier~ Few days ago I just darkened my hair back... Hopefully 2 weeks later I can visit the salon to Rebond my hair again and pull through my new look without Bangs. T_T

Great News, there will be 2 Giveaways coming up!! 1 will be my Giveaways this March which I did promised last month >_< And the other April Giveaway will be sponsored by Uniqso!! They are so amazing and super friendly. Stay tune hehe... ^^

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Chocolate Nails

Chocolate Nails has always been my favorite Dark Colors for my Nails, this is my first time trying ELF Nail Polish. First, let's pop a Ferrero Rocher in our mouth~ =D
Yum =O

I love Dark colors coz it makes my hand + fingers looks fairer. Another reason it reminds me to eat more chocolates~ Woo my Favorite ^^

It's really affordable US$2 a bottle.

Ok now unwrap the plastic wrap~

Color: Chocolate #1540

Is the Brush good? Hmm, so so~ It's really cheap so.. Nothing much to complain about. 

I love the Color!! <3
Love the texture too, it totally have what I wished for~ It's not sticky and easy to apply~
The color looks even darker when you're in darker lighting places.

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