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CNY Reunion Dinner 2012

Today is Chinese New Year Eve(22nd January 2012), Chinese always have Reunion Dinner during CNY Eve~

We decided to eat at home coz Grandma is at our place, so Mom prepared a simple Home-Style cooking dishes~ People who celebrated Chinese New Year Eve for their Reunion Dinner, there are a few choices.
1. Steamboat at Home
2. Have a New Year Package Meal at a Restaurant
3. Home cooked CNY Dinner
Vege Broccoli with Scallop (the orange color tiny decorations are called "Gou Qi Zi 枸杞子") Wolfberry is a Chinese herb, great stuffs, good for health in lots of ways. Can be used to brew Chinese Herbal Soup.

"CNY Wu Xiang" almost every family will have their home-made Wu Xiang. The skin is "Beancurd Skin" can be found at various places. As for the ingredients there are minced pork, minced fresh prawns, fish paste, chopped mushrooms, chopped carrots, chopped water chestnuts, chopped onions etc. It's really delicious and you can't stop eating~

Deep-fried Tiger Prawns, besides Japanese Deep-fried Tempura Prawns, I preferred this dish it reminds me so much when I was young~ The platter is amazing love the thick floury texture. =D

Best of the day for our simple Reunion Dinner, Shark fin with Crab meat soup! I think this may be the last time I eat Shark fin soup, coz the world is preventing people from selling shark fins soon. I've always love the Chinese style gravy-like soup, taste super yummy with some additional touch of black vinegar~

Happy Chinese New Year Eve <3 
Gonna eat for the next few days at relative's house T_T

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q0q0's 2011 Year End Giveaway Winners

Hi Dears ^^ Now I am going to announce the winners from q0q0's 2011 Year End Giveaway!
Thank you all for joining my Giveaway! I will be holding new Giveaway on February~ =D

All that participated can be found at q0q0's 2011 Year End Giveaway.
I used random.org to draw the Lucky Winners~ ^^
1st Prize Lucky Number goes to 888! A beautiful number that shows Luck! I'm very surprised too when I see 888~ Who is the Lucky Number 888 Winner?

1st Prize goes to : THT Christina

Lovely Christina's Blog ^^

2nd Prize Lucky Number goes to 27! Another Lucky Number! Who is the Lucky Number 27 Winner?

2nd Prize goes to : Yoyo

Kawaii Yoyo's Blog ^^

Congratulations to Christina and Yoyo! I will email them shortly~

I hope you all enjoyed the fun on the Giveaway ^^
Next Giveaway on February, do join in the fun again, it might be you =)


Mommy's CNY Pineapple Tarts

Hello my Dearies ^^ Sorry of not giving my Mom's Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts Recipe, because there are tons of versions of Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/Taiwan etc countries of Pineapple Tarts Recipe~

Basically, the Tarts pastry are almost a like, the differences is how you want your tarts pastry to be like. Many years of making the Tarts, different friends/relatives has their own preferences. Some prefer pastry that melts in your mouth, use "Cake Flour" for them. Some prefer no butter pastry, if there's no butter the pastry will taste totally different. And some prefer like me just the traditional way of Tarts pastry, how is it like? It's slightly a bit more solid, use "Plain Flour". With the influences from western, we've tried some touches to enhance our Tarts pastry to taste better. Haha... Ok upgrade and improve~

Here's our experience:
Tart Pastry that melts in your mouth or more powdery texture-
1. use Cake Flour
2. use Egg Yolks

Tart Pastry that is slightly a bit more Solid-
1. use Plain Flour
2. use Eggs

Our own Improvements for the Tarts Pastry-
*Some whipping cream and custard powder

In Singapore, Bengawan Solo is 1 of the best Pineapple Tarts that can be found almost anyway in Singapore. Of course there are some special hotel pastry chef's tarts that taste delicious too~ But when it comes to the Tarts pastry, we can't satisfy everyone's preferences of texture and taste~ Recipe is easy, the pineapple filling ready made can be bought at Phoonhuat or Supermarkets. Making your own Pineapple filling is definitely more yummy than ready made pineapple paste fillings but it takes really lots of time and effort to cook it. Now I really don't mind ready made ones hehe... Ok the pineapple tarts are really yummy and you can't stop eating it after you pop 1 in your mouth. T_T

Not praising my own Mommy's Pineapple Tarts, they are not the best but it's already super awesome... Best is? I mean Home Made versions hehe... Because there are too many people selling their own Pineapple Tarts during Chinese New Year, and to me most are not tasting good... But Mommy can still improve each year although in my preferences she's already beaten Bengawan Solo in my opinion~ ^^ Opps I've got a super picky mouth.

The original recipe is given by my Godmother, she's got super good compliments from all relatives and friends, nobody has ever criticized her Pineapple Tarts. My Mommy has been improving it each year so it's totally different now. =)

My most favorite Pineapple Tarts are with cheddar cheese... I couldn't forget the taste, but Mommy don't like it so I have no Pineapple Tarts with cheddar cheese this year. =X
Happy Chinese New Year ^^ The tarts are really crispy after baking =)
She's using "Cake Flour" this year. Personally I prefer Plain Flour I'm really weird, I love the plain flour taste.

Opps I did not help her because I am lazy =X

Pre-advance rolled Pineapple paste fillings in the fridge.

This pastry tool is amazing... Save more time and allows her to get the ideal Pineapple Tart pattern she wants.

She's putting the Pineapple paste filling now. What's so special about the pastry tool? It creates ready lines and uneven edges, the lines you don't need to use fork, as the edges gives you more crispy texture after baking. =)

All placed on the tray. ^^

Glazing beaten eggs on the top will become more pretty golden brown compared without. =)

In to the oven, about 180 Degrees, timing 15-20mins till you get nice golden brown~

Yay done ^^

This year Chinese New Year falls on the 23rd January 2012! Must have items, Red Packet "Hong Bao or 红包" and Mandarin Oranges.

It's another year, wishing all a very Happy New Year. =)
Good Luck of collecting lots of Red Packets this Year ^^! Best of Luck too~

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New Year Nail Color

Happy New Year 2012 to all lovely friends and bloggers!~ ♥ May all of us Dearies have a more fabulous, happy & fruitful year. 

New Year has come let's have a change for our Nail Color :)
Sally Hansen's Nail polishes are my favorites. For a New Year's Resolution let's paint Blue =D

And the upcoming Chinese New Year falls early this year, Chinese Lunar New Year's Day falls on 23rd January 2012~ So the must have color for Chinese New Year is "Red"!~ 

The blue makes me feel like Mermaid~ And the Red makes me feel hot~ =O

It has a mixture of metallic effect, blue has become my new favorite color on my nails ^^

Some Metallic nail polishes dries up very quickly when you're painting destroys the results outcome and you got to repaint it or change another color. But Sally Hansen is good enough~ When painting nails, I will try to avoid less-wind, switch of your fan to prevent nails from drying up fast. Of course less dust area >_<

Why to avoid windy and dusty place while painting your nails? Because bubbles foamed or dust trapped on your nails while painting are very annoying. =D

Red is really hot, just by having red nails immediately you feel hot/sexy!~ Red is also my all time favorite. 

Usually is best to have 2 coats to look better, but before that ensure a base coat first. ^^

Wishing all a great year to achieve great results and anything you do All the Best 

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