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[CLOSED] KungFu Paradise @ Jcube

First of all, wishing everyone out there a Merry Xmas! Hope you enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones and friends~ ^_^

This year, my hand is still under recovering so we decided not to prepare Xmas Dinner and went out with my family to have a simple lunch at KungFu Paradise. =)
[CLOSED] KungFu Paradise @ Jcube 
2 Jurong East Central 1 
#01-07, JCube 
Singapore 609731

Business Hours 
Mon – Thurs: 11.00am – 2.00am (Last order 1.30am)  
Fri and eve of PH: 11.00am – 4.00am (Last order 3.30am)  
Sat: 10.00am – 4.00am (Last order 3.30am)  
Sun: 10.00am – 2.00am (Last order 1.30am)

The interior design of the cafe looks bright and cute~

The menu, cafe with a kick~

Here comes my Soup of the Day, it's only SG$2.90 includes Garlic Bread and a Drink. 
(Only for weekdays 11am - 5pm, selected set)

Steamed Lava Custard Buns (3 pcs) SG$3.90
"Voted as Favorite 5 in Singapore" by Makansutra.

A popular custard bun with molten centre of delicious salted egg that oozes out at first Bite! (from the menu).

Is it worth the favorite 5? Looks really delicious, the bun skin was more of a cakey texture, but it does not give me a kick that I would order this if I visit again. =X

Spring Rolls SG$4.20

I didn't notice my dad ordered this, but it's very crispy and the fillings inside were some veges.

The Duo Master SG$13.90

Our duo master- chicken chop & fish fillet topped with mozzarella cheese. The Verdict: a perfect match with tomato or cream sauce!!! (from the menu)

Seafood Chili Crab Pasta SG$10.90

It's always great to taste local sauce for pastas, this was spicy wow.. and yummy~ :)

Chicken Chop Chop SG$9.90

Very simple and yumyum, the fries were unstoppable~ =X

Be Hooked!!! SG$11.90

The Fish & Chips are so delicious, especially the batter was so crispy. The batter seems to be able to contain heat, even down to the last bite the fish is still steaming hot~

Strutting Strawberry Cheesecake SG$5.90

The cheese cake was really smooth, and delicious... =D

Oreo Temptation Cheesecake SG$5.90

The avalanche of cheese cake with loads of crushed oreo biscuits that is layered with cream cheese filling (from the menu).

You gonna be hooked by their Oreo Temptation Cheesecake! I will definitely visit just for the cake next time! 1 is not enough~~~ =X Look at the oreo crust layers inside the cream cheese! Gorgeous~

Toasted Hazelnut Latte SG$3.90

The latte was totally just right, 1 sip latte and 1 mouth of oreo cheesecake, perfect match! =X

After awhile we went WanChai HongKong Tea Room, to have a bit snacks. Oh no I was still very full but my dad and bro wanted to eat some thing.

Fried Wanton, yummy ^^

Dried Wanton Noodles, delicious too~

Seafood Horfun~

Red Bean soup with silky beancurd.

My mom went Daiso to shop for some Japanese flavors for cooking, meanwhile I just take a few pictures from my iphone. ^_^

Pretty Trees everywhere, I gonna  buy a mini tree next year, I find it super cute~ =D

My Xmas Gift, I love white finally got a white watch again~ =D

Merry Xmas! All lovely Darlings ^_^

May U have a Great Holiday & Let's welcome 2013


Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green (sponsored by Uniqso.com)

Christmas is getting very near, have you found the right lens color to go with? I think green will be really suitable for Christmas. This will be my last circle lens review this year, and yes photos were again taken before my hand surgery.

The Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green are again sponsored by Uniqso, let's take a look~ ^_^
Uniqso's packaging is always cute and well-packed, very professional. =)

The Barbie Brand circle lenses are manufactured by Dueba.

Webstore: Uniqso
Brand: Barbie
Manufacturer: Dueba
Model: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones
Color: Green
Diameter: 16.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Lens Type: Yearly lens
Made in Korea
Day Light, Torch Light, Flash Light without make up.

Day Light with make up.

Flash Light with make up.

Lens Design
The lens design are similar to thedollyeye puffy 3 tones green, very well-known design all over the world. The Barbie Puffy 3 Tones actually makes your eyes looks more natural.

The Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green are 16.5mm in diameters, although the size is huge than a normal sized lenses but the enlargement looks not really that huge. The 3 tones color of the "Barbie Puffy 3 Tones" actually helps to tone down the overall color and makes it look more natural in your eyes.

Comfort Level

They are very thin and soft as in texture of the lenses, so the comfortness really suits my eyes. I can wear super long to max 10 hrs for me~ But the best is don't exceed more than 8 hrs.

The 3 tones design color gives you a more teary effect look in your eyes and the green color looks pretty natural. A great plus for the Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Series they suit most hair color from black to brown, red to blonde! Most importantly they are very comfortable for my eyes.

Of course, we all are advised not to use online yearly lens not more than 2-3months after opened, for own hygiene-purpose. But if you are good at maintaining don't exceed 6 months after opened. Remember your eyes are most precious~ ^^
Purchase at Uniqso with lots of varieties of circle lenses, they have the best customer services and super friendly. ^_^

Webstore: Uniqso.com
Facebook: Uniqso
Twitter: askUNIQSO
Email: ask@uniqso.com 

Have a Great Christmas this Year 2012 my Darlings

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Etude House Nail Polish YL802

I don't know exactly how long have I been not painting yellow nails, maybe more than 5 years~ I passed by and purchased a bottle of yellow nail polish at Etude House for only SG$2. The "Etude House VIP girl Petit Darling Nails YL802 VVIP Yellow" nail polish. At first, I thought of using it for polka dots design when I paint other colors but Hmm... Why not review the cute yellow it's a waste that I only use them just a few dots some times~ 

So this is the last color I painted before I went for my left hand surgery last month~ ^_^
The color model YL802.

Cute little Etude House Directions and Ingredients attached, some bottles are without.

First coat looks pretty light so definitely need more than 1 coat, remember to paint a base coat first before painting the color~ =D

Oppz was suppose to take a picture first before I use the Etude House Nail Polish GR605 for polka dots~ Total I painted 3 coats for the yellow without a top coat.

I then switched colors, because I wanted to try black with yellow~ I tried sticking a gem stone on my second finger, and it was my first time. The nail glue I bought in my nail tool box was dried up even it's totally new(many years ago) Haha... So I dotted a generous amount of OPI Natural Nail Strengthener on the spot I wanted to stick on, then I hold on the gem stone to it for 1-2mins. And it worked!! Lastly, I painted Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, Done!~

For the black nail polish you can use any brands you have, except the Black Line I used a Nail Art Liner Polish from BornPrettyStore.

Hope my hand recover back to normal so I can paint nails again >_<

Usually all nail polish last very long for me, because of extra top coat painted. And I think I am pretty careful in person, so my friends usually ask me why I am able to maintain so well even the nail polish is painted for more than 3 weeks. =)

Have a Great Day and Sufficient Vitamin C Daily

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