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ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell at Nutritionpark.com

Hello all my darlings, I have been very Emo this September. Too much emotions going on. =(

Recently, my motivation has come back so I've decided to head to the Gym when I am free to do some exercises. If not getting fatter haha... 

I also tried not to take too much food that contains Carbohydrates, been taking more proteins, such as chicken breasts, fish and vegetables/fruits. Taking less oil food plus exercising really helps not only losing or maintaining weight and also I can feel my skin is improving, not too much pimples now. =)

When I was exercising at the Gym nearby, I realized the weight lifting area were always occupied, so it's really hard to get a Dumb Bell and use.

Last night, I googled Dumb Bell online and decided to try out purchasing from NutritionPark.com for 1KG and 5KG Dumb Bells. 
ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell 1KG was SG$5.95
ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell 5KG was SG$21.40

Total I spent SG$39.30, the delivery charge to my house was SG$6.00
And I received the next day!! Super awesome ^^
I think it's pretty worth it, unless you prefer Self-Collection then you can head down to their location at 
48 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Building, #05-03, Singapore 669269.

I won't want to carry a total of 7kg back home, and if you drive there petrol counts too. Take a cab there and back home it will cost more than "SG$6.00 delivery charge".

They also deliver overseas with higher shipping cost.

They only have Red for the 1KG Dumb Bell, I choose ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell because it's only for myself at home and I don't think I need to spend more on ZANFIT Starlite Pro-Grade Hex Rubber Dumbbell 1KG, it cost SG$9.90 but own preferences :-)

I do not have much strength for my arms/hands so I will just try 1KG first ^^
Just nice I got Red Nails to match Lolx... I love Red Nail Polishes =D

I bought only one 5KG Dumb Bell because I was taught doing an exercise I find it useful for my body from my previous Instructor.

Too heavy to carry with 1 hand, I usually carry it with both of my hands.

When I opened the package there's a Free Gift of 1 Dietary Supplement.

Stay healthy, eat healthy and most importantly stay happy! =)
My Emo for the entire month has helped me to fasten up myself, instead of being so down I quickly changed my "Emo Mode" to exercise! It helps alot... ^^

Drink more water hehe~

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EOS XtraVaganza (3-Tones) Series WM-310 Pink

EOS XtraVaganza actual model is G-210 which has (2-Tones Color).
They also have another Series looks a like which is G-308 (3-Tones Color).
Both EOS G-210 and G-308 are 14.5mm Diameters.

Today I am introducing WM-310 Pink (3-Tones Color), it is a bigger version of G-308.
EOS WM-310 Sellers are also very rare. 

For some of my lenses I bought it when I was doing Dollilens. EOS WM-310 is 14.8mm Diameters, I start using it about 1 month plus ago.
This was before I checked my recent Eye Degrees, but I still use it because I have some left. =X

Expiry Date before opening is 3 years.
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: WM-310
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.80mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

*FYI: For Hygiene purpose use it for about 2-3months and dispose. Some people can maintain it longer, depend on how you care about your lenses. Most importantly, is for your own eye care if you feel uncomfortable is better to dispose immediately.

EOS Rainbow English Sticker Label.

Left Side is the Outer Curve.
Right Side is the Inner Curve.

Appearance of the Inner Curve.

Appearance of the Outer Curve.

Oppz! Ok Don't look at my False Eye Lashes >_<

It was really hard to stick because it has a thick Transparent layer, I am also a newbie to False Eye Lashes too and I regret buying 10 pairs I should choose the normal Black layer. =X

Lastly, about the lens comfort level. =)

It is not very comfortable, I think my eyes can't take 3 Color Tone Lenses too much.
Dries up so much faster, you will need lots of eye drops if you wear longer than 4 hours.
I have very sensitive eyes too so maybe some people can last longer ^^

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A Little Bit Decoration for your iPhone

It's fun shopping at Gmarket when you saw some really cute stuffs~
I can't resist when I saw Ribbon iPhone Ear Cap! It was really cute can't wait to have it on my iPhone. =)

Ordered on 28th Aug 2011, received on 8th Sep 2011 by Korea Normal Mail. Total took about 11 Days, they shipped on 31st Aug 2011. Phew I received it safely because it was by Normal Mail (at your own risk).

The Gmarket Seller was HAKIM. Price was SGD9.90 (Paypal additional $0.50), I got $1.00 discount coupon from Gmarket so grab it. =D

Some iPhone cases are cheaper but this is far too cute, and first time seeing it so Heehee you know... Have to buy =X
I felt in love with the Mint Ribbon =D~

Here's the Mail I received, sorry have to hide my address and telephone. =X

Back of the Mail. 

It was really cute! Can't wait~

A Free 2011 Year Card Calender, and is that a Stamp? =O

Here's the mini Mint Ribbon iPhone Ear Cap. ^^

Ok now let's install the Mint Ribbon~ It's easy just push in on top of your iPhone. =D

Here you go~

I can't resist anything that is pink, polka dots, ribbons~ And you know my favorite HelloKitty's head. =X

My iPhone Screen Protector is abit not well pasted by the retail staffs at some store. And it cost me $22. I missed my Old Screen Protector it was too sticky and still stucked on the surface of my table lolz...

Next if you notice my iPhone Button Sticker, Yes! It's HelloKitty's Head my favorite. I was tempted on by this only design coz it's pink in color lolz... 

Also from Gmarket It's really cheap, Outside Retail Price was SGD5.00 and here only SGD1.80 (Paypal additional $0.50). There are so many cute designs I will purchase again hehe...

Ordered on 22nd Aug 2011, received on 26th Aug 2011 by Normal Mail. Total took about 4 DaysThe Gmarket Seller for the iPhone Button Sticker is The Mimosa Garden. Usually I will choose Normal Mail for cheaper items bought at Gmarket in Singapore, coz it is quite safe to do so, but still at your own Risk.
Used a Piece of paper to cover my Address. =X

The Back of the Mail. =)

Lucky I like Mini Mouse and Melody too =)

Close Shot ^^~

I am now very satisfy with my new iPhone Decoration. Previous Case was HelloKitty with Bling Blings, realized it accumulated lots of dust so changed it to a simple case. =)

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H & M Orchard Building Singapore

Shopping craze at the newly opened H & M in Singapore. H & M is very common in other countries, it's a Swedish retail clothing company. Finally it has come to Singapore, in Asia.

 The huge store is located between Orchard and Somerset. Credits to Ling, taken across the Road. :)

Click to enlarge the Image, you can see the long queue. It was only the second day, Saturday 3rd Sep 2011, H & M's opening and the queue was long till Somerset 313.

Long Queue.

I then realized on top there's mirror reflection. =P

The queue was pretty fast, and it's our turn!

1st Level, it's more to formal or adult women's clothing.

The lights were so interesting, oppz I have to cover the man's face because hmm hmm... Weird~

The 1st Level Fitting Room Queue, looks like need to wait more than 30mins to try!

1st Level Shoes Section, it was messy. Emi was smiling coz I'm taking her in the picture. =D

There're total 3 levels, next level is Yay! For younger women. =P

Time to go up 2nd Level!

The cute Lift. =D

The 2nd Level Lingerie Section. Prettiest section Lolz...

Again it was messy due to too many customers shopping.

After we grabbed what we like and ready to try in the fitting room!
The queue was really long, we have to queue more than 30mins, legs were aching. =(

The 3rd Level was Men's and Kids Section. Lots of guys shopping at the Men's Section!

Kids Section.

Emi saw this cute Top from the Kids Section, she tried on but a bit tight. I think she looks fabulous on it, but her uncomfy face shows~

Say Cheese, we're queuing up to make our payment.

I took a picture on my loots while queuing up to make payment at the Kids Section.

Another Top of my loots, I like the shiny silvery print. Both only SGD17.90 Each!

Emi & Ling happily smiling after shopping at H & M! Say Cheese!~ 
Wow look at the crowd of queue...

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