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Why did I started Lens Pre-Order Blogshop?

I started with my cousin because we were both looking for circle lenses, they're created by the Koreans. Seen them so dolly looking in the Korean Dramas~

Our first purchase was the Dueba Luna King series, bought on Princelens.com (using POSB iBanking transfer Payment mode) & it was a very bad experience, so much drama going on...

These lenses were so uncomfortable, and I felt like my eyes were flaming badly...
I was wearing Luna King Black at that time.
Wearing GEO XCK105 here.

Tried a Local pre-order blogshop named TZCollection and it was also not a good experience. That's why we decided, since we love to wear circle lenses so much, why not we try to find suppliers and do our very own pre-order blogshop? That's how we started... 

After 6 months we have to close down Read Here Why. T_T

This post was edited in 18th July 2014. 
The exact Drama and history are already past.

Thank you for supporting, shout outs to our past customers. Love ya!
Hope you all are doing great and found your new trusted stores.

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Byebye to Dollilens

This was the first blog I ever created since 2010, it is something definitely to remember. We have stop selling circle lens by our country law. A Big Thank you to our customers! Thank you so much for your supports and love for us to gain such a wonderful experience in this 6 months time.

It's an awesome accomplishment for me as it was my first blogshop, I have no experience in creating and also designing a blog, slowly I created things bit by bit. It also made me gain interest in blogging and photography.

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Cafe Mimi Waffle WMM-505

GEO Cafe Mimi Waffle Model WMM-505
Yea, my Degree is -2.75 and -1.75
Does the design pattern looks like Waffle? =O
A grayish Waffle with Caramel Sauce? Haha~
I pasted a heart there, Dark Circles are very obvious did not use concealer to cover.
It's not very comfortable for this lens, I can say too many color tones in it.

The lens looks nicer in person than picture, haha can't blame my fringe are too long now to be bangs, and natural color black hair is coming out~ Well gonna cut my hair a bit soon and dye it darker, hair's getting dryer and dryer. :(

If I've got better hair texture, I already bleached it to Blonde... That's my Favorite color~ Maybe get a Blonde Wig, saw some pretty nice long hair wigs.

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Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Dark Cocoa WMM-500

Cafe Mimi, GEO's newest Premium Brands, it was launched after Princess Mimi. I tried on the Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Series, Dark Cocoa in Color. This will be my new Black lens from now onwards hehe... 

From GEO's lens picture it looks like grey or something but after wearing it it looks like Black Circle Lens and got a wider version 15mm Diameter, the great thing about it is they're available in prescription! As you know I got Puffy eyes and my white area is more obvious. Haha I think the lens for normal eyes will almost cover your white area. =X

Incredibly huge... And the size of it looks so round haha I love it... My favourite GEO's XCK-105 byebye forever >_< The Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Dark Cocoa's design patterns are very nice too~

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GEO Xtra WT-B87 Pink

Pink!! Pink Lens!! Now our girls favorite color lens now. This is GEO Xtra WT-B87 Pink lens, 15mm diameter but Degree are only in Plano. It looks like iFairy Hanabi lens what do you think? 

The picture was taken like 1 month ago didn't realise to upload or post it actually haha because pictures were not what I expected. Oppz~  =D

Ok back to GEO Xtra WT-B8 Series, they look pretty cute.
My favorite now~ Pink lenses makes me look younger =X

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GEO Xtra Flower Lotus WFL-A15 Grey

Here's the Whole Series of GEO Xtra Flower Lotus Series, I did it when doing dollilens.

This is one of the latest new 15mm lens by GEO that carries degrees from 0 ~ 800 Degrees for Grey and Brown lens. New GEO Xtra Flower Lotus Series, I call it as GEO Lotus Series it is 1 of the GEO Xtra Flower Series. The coloring looks abit like GEO Super Nudy Grey right? The inner portion, but has a flower pattern like a Lotus. :)

It kinda surprise me, taking pictures with Lotus Grey looks not bad and it looks abit like GEO Xtra WBS-205 Grey which I wear it before previously.

Where do I buy the lens?
I bought it directly through my supplier, but after closing down my blogshop I have to get Geo lens from other blogshops or online webstores now. I still got lots of Geo lens to wear so will take quite a long time to purchase new Geo lens again.

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GEO Princess Mimi WMM-304 Chocolate

Eyes abit red right? Cos recently fell sick pretty long and until now still haven't recover. :( Both my eyes are alittle red and face very pale..
Princess Mimi Series also known as Bambi Series which Japan's AngelColor carries, it's crazily on a hit now world-wide. AngelColor's Bambi is 14.2mm diameter and GEO's Princess Mimi is 15mm diameter which is wider and larger. The exact manufacturer is by GEO. 

Ok this is the first time I try out brown color contact lens, haha... Honestly, I don't look great in brown but the designs of Princess Mimi is really awesome, plus I only brush abit Mascara and draw alittle eye liner. My eyes  as I always say are puffy eyes "like gold fish" haha... Totally look great and better with nicer eye make up and fake dolly lashes. :p Just too lazy to wear fake lashes recently, heading out soon. ^^

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