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EOS Jelly G-208 Pink

My favourite must have lenses, EOS Jelly Series G-208 Pink! I love Pink, it actually looks like the lighter version of Brown lenses. Jelly Series gives you a more doll look!


GEO WBS-205 Grey

I was at Korea with my family and relatives for vacation, early in the morning waiting for Breakfast Buffet~ GEO WBS-205 Grey suits my outfit, and it is natural. 


Winter Boots

My first Winter Boots to Korea on CNY, 3rd Feb 2011! I added fur ball beside the boots so it won't look too dull, I was told by my friends that "New Look" at 313@SOMERSET is selling winter boots for SGD39.90, but when I went to search for it, there's only Black colour left. In Singapore, it is very hard to find winter boots especially my shoe size is BIG! :X so I went "New Look" UK to buy online :) I bought it for only €9.90 plus €10.00 Shipping fees, total €19.90 and it took 10days to receive! New Look Site: http://www.newlook.com/