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Imitation of My Beauty Diary Mask *Sold by sml2u*

I bought a lot of My Beauty Diary Masks from this Penang, Malaysian Supplier Sml Enterprise Sdn Bhd. I may be inexperience in choosing the correct seller but the truth is, these masks were imitation. I hope this blog/review will help innocent consumers around the world.

*Below all the pictures are not edited, and taken at night.
*Honest posting here.
*When I say I want to blog about this matter, Seller says,“请便”。 It means, "Go ahead".
*My Original Masks is always bought at Guardian or Watson.

I believe there are not only one version of imitated My Beauty Diary Masks. Why I am so sure this is fake?

Because the smell is unpleasant, how unpleasant is it? Smells like plastic/rubbery scent, this familiar plastic/rubbery smell can always be found on bad quality bags or some plastics that are melted etc... For me myself I do not have a very sensitive nose, but since such unpleasant smell I can sense it, means it's not a joke.

Masks are a point of key in our lives now, some of us use it twice a week or maybe everyday. We totally cannot imagine the consequences if we are blindly using imitated masks for long-term.
I placed it on a Black Cloth.
Fake: Shape different and larger, it looks not as Moisture as the Original one.
Original: After placing out for quite long, the masks is still moisture and soft, not dried up like the fake one.

*The shape of the nose is different too.

Close look of the quality is different.

It looks almost exactly the same... It's really hard to differentiate... But if you zoom in the picture, the Chinese fonts are slightly different. Original print is lighter and delicate.

It's very hard to differentiate or tell where is it wrong.
For long observations, the fake Date Print smudges easier and the Date Print Mark is deeper. The original Date Print is more lasting.

Out Package Box, Date Print Format is different, and color of the box is slightly different too.

Company print/color are different.

Shape of the inner box is different too.

Seller's Site: http://sml2u.com/

Why am I so unhappy with the seller?
Because they do not admit their "My Beauty Diary Masks" were Fake, besides that I already know there will not be a refund made if the other party tends to sell imitation.

Below will be the conversation by me & the seller.

Seller's Msn Account.

The Msn conversation is only started after I tested out the Masks. This doesn't prove much but seller is really too much..

They say I am playing with them -.- Such things why would I play around?
The throughout conversation shows that they have been scamming customers with imitation masks besides not solving or admit any mistakes. They pointed at me that I have nothing better to do, received on 23rd Dec 2011 and it's my fault making a nuisance on 26th Dec 2011 during midnight. I filed a dispute file case against them with Paypal, but they are still stubborn, ownself claiming they are right.

Google Sml Enterprise Sdn Bhd can be found.

Helpless of me, I do learned a lesson from purchasing Bulks from not recommended Supplier. Most importantly, I hope all my lovely friends, blogger friends and everyone around the world share my experience and have less chances to purchase any Fake Masks. It worries not only our money and it's more concern of all our precious skin. =( 

Lastly, the Fake Masks really stinks... Even I opened another flavor Collagen Firming there's still the unpleasant plastic smell... =(

I feel sad, cheated and emotionally affected. Never in my life tried any fake masks... Heartless people without conscience are hated!


q0q0's 2011 Year End Giveaway

Once again I have to Thank all of my Lovely friends and Blog friends that have been following my Blog and your every comments really encouraged me to blog more!~

This is my 2nd Giveaway, do join in the fun and my appreciation ^^

Qoqo's 2011 Year End Giveaway Prizes
There will be 2 Winners.

1st Prize
1 Pair EOS Contact Lens
1 Lens Casing
3 Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
1  Daiso False Eye Lashes
1 Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK246)
1 Etude House Nail Polish (BL501)
1 Etude House Jewel Nail Sticker
1 Lollipop.com Necklace

EOS Lens Description
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-210
Series: XtraVaganza
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.5mm
B.C: 8.8mm
Power: 0 Degree
Exp Date: 20140518
Lens Type: Yearly Lens
FYI: Once opened, please dispose after 2-3mths for hygiene purpose.

Here are some Close-up Pictures of the Prizes

2nd Prize
1 Pair GEO Contact Lens
1 Lens Casing
3 Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
1  Daiso False Eye Lashes
1 Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK246)
1 Etude House Nail Polish (BL501)
1 Etude House Jewel Nail Sticker
1 Lollipop.com Necklace

EOS Lens Description
Manufacturer: GEO
Model: WT-B82
Series: Hanabi
Color: Blue
Diameter: 15mm
B.C: 8.7mm
Power: 0 Degree
Exp Date: 2014/01
Lens Type: Yearly Lens
FYI: Once opened, please dispose after 2-3mths for hygiene purpose.

Here are some Close-up Pictures of the Prizes

How to Join?
-Follow my Blog (+2 Entries)
-Like QooSpree Facebook (+3 Entries)
-Blog about Giveaway (+5 Entries)
-Side Bar Giveaway (+3 Entries)
-You Must  Comment under this post your Blog follower Nickname
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~Copy Example Format & Comment Below~
1. Follower Nickname: [Name]
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5. Your Email Address: [Email]

When does this Giveaway Ends?
20th January 2012 (My Birthday^^), and I will Blog and announce the winners the next day.
*Updating on Sheet for all to view~

How do I receive if I Won?
I will contact the winners through Email and by then will ask for your delivery information, I will post to the winners by International Registered Mail.


Pre-Xmas Meal 2011

We've decided to throw an early Xmas Meal this year~ <3
All the foods are unique ^^
Appetizer Smoked Salmon with Caviar spread with special Cream Cheese

It was my first time trying to make this Appetizer, it's delicious... I cannot even describe how good it tasted~

Multi Color Salad

Nacho Chips & Chick Pea Dip


Dipping Ingredients for Cheese-Fondue

Very Special Aunt's Braised Turkey

It was my Aunt's Signature dish, never heard of Braise Turkey? Braising the Turkey makes the meat super tender than Roast Turkey.

Dad slicing the Turkey Meat for us =)

Mom's Pineapple Fried Rice

Seafood & Bacon Spaghetti

There was my Special Cream sauce served with the Spaghetti. =D

Once you try my Baked Potato, you gonna be hooked >_< 

Xmas Log Cake by Polar Puffs & Cakes
It tasted pretty yummy =D

This Musical Santa has been with me for many years~

Emi eating all the Food =X

Emi said, "No Mika is eating with me".

Jessica says, "Hey I'm here, Cheers!"~~~

Emi starring Pink Bunny today. =)

Jessica feeding Emi the Pink Bunny Breadstick~ =X

Mika the Blue Bunny & Emi the Pink Bunny

The Bunnies are giving me Presents~ =O

Mika playing my Santa Horns =P

Cam-whoring time~ Emi & Jessica

Jessica & Mika say Cheese~

Mika & Emi playing adults toasting!~ Ok the drinks were actually Grape Juice Soda and Apple+Cranberry Juice Soda~

Emi playing Student?

Me and Lovely Jessica

Me & Emi the Super Model

Me & Kawaii Mika

We here wish all of you an Advance Merry Xmas!~ Do enjoy your Xmas ^^~

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