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The Last Song

When the movie trailer of The Last Song was out, I have no intention to watch at all, because it's just another Miley Cyrus movie, and the ratings for the movie aren't good.
Surprisingly, after watching it yesterday... It was great for me. I cried when she's going to lose her father.
Miley Cyrus acting as Ronnie Miller, a rebellious girl whose mother sent her and her younger brother to stay with their father for the summer vacation. She has talent in music...
A Drama/Romance movie, if you like love story, watch it ^-^


Egg White Wonders

I heard that Egg Whites could remove black heads, so I tried out my own experiment.
It's awesome, the results were great, nose became shiny, smooth & clean, it also helps to get rid of your tiny facial hair on your nose surface.

Egg Whites are cheap, and it moisturizes your skin as well, without pain.

How to use Egg Whites to remove BlackHeads with Care?


Maple Pecan Crunch

Post Maple Pecan Crunch is my favourite cereal I must have everyday! It's so crunchy as usual, and lots of fibres. It taste a little bit of sweetness, helps to make the cereal more delicious. But you need to tighten it up properly, if not ants will come conquer the whole packet which I encountered before... Kinda scary!!


Ice Princess

I watched this movie "Ice Princess" yesterday, overall the movie was not bad, made me wanna cry the ending part.

She's a Physics Geek/Nerd, but when doing special assignment, she realized her talent in ice-skating. I will give it a 8.3/10 ratings of my personal view.