Angelina MBS Singapore

Angelina Singapore MBS Boutique has arrived in Marina Bay Sand's The Shoppe, the location is so much convenient to dine and enjoy the cute patisseries. I missed Paris's Angelina so much and if you love chestnut/mont blanc like me, highly recommended their Chestnut cream. Spread it with butter on your favorite bread.

Also Mont-blanc Tea was one of my top list tea flavors.

The ambiance was so beautiful, Angelina gotten one of the best spots in MBS.

Paris-New York SG$15, Choux pastry, pecan praline light cream, crunchy pecan praline.

Éclair Fraise-vanille SG$11.

Cheesecake Aģrumes SG$14.

Feeling Paris like I do? Head down Angelina for a desirable moment.

Angelina Singapore (MBS Boutique)
2 Bayfront Avenue Canal
Level B2-89/89A
Singapore 018972

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AngelinaSingapore


New Change 2018

Hi all, first of all greetings to everyone a very Happy New Year 2018. My first announcement made will be change of domain name, from q00q00.com now to cryssea.com allow me some time to change all my previous blog posts links that cause some confusions and broken links. Pictures that were posted with my q00q00.com initials or q00q00.blogspot.com will be impossible for me to change unless removed.

Cryssea.com is more related to my real name, hope you guys understand. Away for awhile due to my busy schedules and trying to stay healthy from delicious foods. I will try to get back my feet up to blogging again and I miss sharing my life to you guys. 

As you guys see I am back to Korea again, spending my Xmas 2017 with my besty, Nami Island was my 3rd visit this time. Still pretty but more touristy than the past even though it's winter season. 

This time round, we headed to Busan for a day and I hope to bring you guys more informative travel blog posts on my next trips this coming year.



Craving for anything sweet? Sweetspot at Marina Bay Sands will grant your sweet cravings! If you like your dessert slightly sweet Sweetspot is the spot.

White Chocolate Cream Cheese with Mix Berry Jelly (SG$9.00), was my favorite among the 3 cakes I ordered because it was sweet and a little sour touch eaten together with the berries.

Coconut Mango (SG$9.00), I pretty like it as I love mango with coconut flavor desserts.

Snicker Crunch (SG$9.00), well snickers have to be sweet.

The great thing about Sweetspot is that they open very early, and I really wish they change their plates while serving and have more "non-instant" beverages to choose. Also guide their staffs to recommend their signature patisseries to the customers.

Hotel Lobby Tower 3
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8588
Email: SweetSpot@MarinaBaySands.com
Website: http://www.marinabaysands.com/restaurants/cafe/sweetspot.html
*Visit their website for more updates & information.

Opening Hours
7am to 10pm